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10 traditional vegetarian dishes of a Telugu household

Food is one of the best ways of celebrating happiness. Telugu people are natural food lovers. Be it the home-cooked meals or a feast at a restaurant, we love our food. Our ancestors have blessed us with many recipes that have been passing down through many generations. A traditional vegetarian Andhra thali has some dishes that have garnered fans over the years. Today, we take a look at 10 such famous vegetarian dishes that are typical of every Telugu household.

1) Pulihora

This spiced Tamarind rice is a huge crowd favourite. It’s generally prepared on many auspicious occasions and is even offered as the Prasad at many temples. It binds many flavours together and is easy to prepare.

2) Boorelu

Image Credits : SailusFood

These delicacies are also generally prepared during household poojas and functions. They are prepared with jaggery and urad dal and are served with a generous amount of ghee. Boorelu, along with bobbatlu, have been a Telugu household’s favourite sweet dish since ages.

3) Mamidikayi Pappu (Raw Mango Dal)

Image Credits : SirisFood

How many of us love this dal along with hot steaming rice and a dollop of ghee. It has a typical raw mango flair that beautifully blends with the other flavours of dal and tadka.

4) Panasapottu Kura (Jackfruit curry)

Image Credits : EasyVegRecipes

This curry is made of chopped Jackfruit. Fused with a lovely mustard flavour, this dish is a dish prepared only in our state and is generally served at many Andhra marriages.

5) Kanda Bachali Kura (Yam and Basella curry)

Image Credits : PadmasRecipes

A unique combination of a tuber and a green leafy vegetable. An age old Telugu dish, Kanda Bachali Kura is prepared with Yam and Basella. The curry is even tempered with some classic Indian spices that make it an irresistible dish.

6) Gutti Vankaya (Brinjal curry)

Image Credits : VegRecipesOfIndia

The Gutti Vankaya is one of the most favourite dishes of our state. It is prepared by cooking tender brinjals in a spicy gravy. The juicy brinjals melt right away in your mouth while the spices tingle your taste buds.

7) Ulava Charu (Brown Soup)

Image Credits : DesiBantu

Ulava Charu is a thick horse gram lentil soup and is the traditional Andhra Rasam. Served on many special occasions, this dish is best served with steaming hot rice and is also considered to have many health benefits.

8) Dosa Avakaya (Cucumber Pickle)

Image Credits : SailusFood

Our state’s fiery brand, the avakaya, is also prepared with many different variations to it. One such variation is by preparing it with cucumber instead of raw mango. The cucumber pieces get infused with the spicy mustard flavours and form themselves into a mouth-watering pickle.

9) Kandi Podi

Image Credits : VahrehVah

This delicious dish is prepared by powdering roasted toor dal with some other roasted spices. Serve it with steaming hot rice with a generous amount of ghee and you’ll be relishing a taste like never before.

10) Daddojanam

Image Credits : Spoonacular

This is the traditional method of preparing the curd rice. The usual curd rice is seasoned with a flavourful tempering to make this just the perfect dish to finish off an authentic vegetarian Andhra meal.


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