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Opposition parties call for state wide bandh in Andhra Pradesh on April 16

Protesting against the centre’s refusal to grant Special Status Category (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh, several groups have called for a state wide bandh on April 16.

The bandh, which was called by the Pratyeka Hoda Vibhajana Hameela Sadhana Samithi, was backed by opposition parties including YSRCP, Janasena Party, and the left parties.

All the services in the state, barring the emergency ones, will be shut down in the state, the parties informed.

The parties criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attitude towards Andhra Pradesh and also found fault with his one-day fast.

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Speaking at a conference in Hyderabad, JSP Chief Pawan Kalyan said it was ridiculous on the PM’s part to go on a fast while heading one of the biggest economic powers in the world. The actor-turned-politician further added that he was disappointed with Mr. Modi not allowing discussion on Special Status Category. “When Narendra Modi entered the portals of Parliament for the first time, we all believed that he would uphold the sanctity of the Constitution and democracy, but his attitude and strategy with regard to the no-confidence motion has upset everyone,” Mr. Kalyan was quoted

as saying.

On the other hand, chief opposition YSRCP and other parties alleged that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was trying to oppose the bandh called for the state’s causes.

CPI State assistant secretary JV Satyanarayana Murthy asked TDP members to participate in the bandh to prove they were honestly committed to achieving the SCS for the state.

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