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Opinion: Citizens lament about the disheartening beach cleanliness in Vizag

The City of Destiny is a true paradise for beach lovers, offering breathtaking views and endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation. However, the beauty of the much-talked-about Vizag beach is overshadowed by the cleanliness issue. Littered with garbage, the beaches are unpleasant and pose severe threats to the environment and public health. The need for shore cleanliness has never been more urgent. It ensures a pleasant experience for visitors, helps protect the fragile ecosystem, and preserves the city’s reputation as a tourist destination.

According to a survey by Team Yo! Vizag, most respondents have noticed litter or garbage on the sands during their visits. Even more alarming is the fact that a significant number have witnessed people littering on the beaches in plain sight, with no hints of guilt. This vandalises the beaches

‘ beauty and severely threatens the environment and marine life, the public opine.

Despite the authorities’ efforts, the beach cleanliness in Vizag leaves much to be desired. While the occasional beach clean-up programs prove effective, the outcomes are often short-lived. The survey results point out that the denizens are evidently dissatisfied with the sanctity of the beaches. While some suggest that regular beach cleaning programs could improve the situation, others propose more proactive measures such as increasing public awareness, imposing penalties on littering, and involving schools and colleges in cleaning initiatives.

Here are some measures, as suggested by the citizens, that could be taken to improve beach cleanliness in Vizag.

  • Implementing a waste management system that separates recyclable and non-recyclable waste
  • Conducting regular cleaning drives that involve volunteers from the community
  • Encouraging beachgoers to bring their reusable water bottles and containers to reduce plastic waste
  • Establishing a dedicated task force to monitor and enforce cleanliness rules on the beach
  • Promoting eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics, such as paper bags and bamboo straws
  • Installing public toilets and showers to reduce open defecation and promote hygiene
  • Launching educational programs in schools and colleges to raise awareness about the impact of littering on the environment and marine life.

Dinesh Sai, a frequent visitor to the beach, suggests, “Strict action must be taken against those who pollute the beach. For instance, imposing fines. We should conduct frequent campaigns to discard waste effectively. It is essential to ensure that no waste from nearby hotels or restaurants is dumped into the sea. We should encourage colleges to initiate cleanliness programs on beaches periodically. Moreover, increasing the number of waste bins along beach roads is crucial. Billboards displaying cleanliness quotes to encourage the public to keep the beach clean must be erected.”

Mohitha, a student who regularly visits the beach, says, “The authorities must intensify beach monitoring and take strict action against those littering or polluting the premises. Establishing a beach cleanliness fund and organising initiatives with the local communities is also important. We should monitor industrial waste and ensure that trash cans are installed on the shore to encourage people to dispose of their waste properly.”

Thando, who visits the beach regularly, suggests, “Individuals should be more conscious of their behaviour and maintain clean disposal bins across the beach. Strict rules need to be laid for those who litter garbage. Creating a community that will always ensure the beach’s cleanliness is better. The government should employ people to clean it frequently as it can attract foreign investment through tourism.”

The issue of beach cleanliness is tarnishing Vizag’s beauty. It is imperative that the authorities take swift action to combat this problem, and the citizens must also play an active role in maintaining cleanliness. The need of the hour is a collective responsibility and move towards a cleaner and healthier environment. Let us all work together to ensure that Vizag remains a pristine coastal city for generations.

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