Weather Update: Cold wave to hit AP; Vizag Agency areas may record its lowest temperature ever

The temperature in Vizag is set to plummet further as the cold wave, that is over Chandigarh and North Rajasthan, may make its landing in Andhra Pradesh, predicts the Andhra Pradesh Weatherman. The impact of the cold wave will be felt in the north coastal parts of Andhra Pradesh and also in Guntur, Krishna and Godavari Districts, from 18 to 22 December, 2021. 

In a chat with Yo! Vizag, Andhra Pradesh Weatherman, aka Sai Praneeth, explains that a cold wave is recognised when the temperature dips 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, below the average temperature recorded in a particular place. And likewise, a severe cold wave is recognised when the temperature dips more than 6 degrees Celsius, below the average temperature recorded in a particular place. 

Explaining the cold wave, Praneeth informs that the low pressures in the Bay of Bengal will pull the cold winds from the north of India to the south. He adds that many places in the State may even experience temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius and Vizag Agency areas will experience near zero degrees Celsius temperature.

Meanwhile, Vizag, for the past few days has been recording a degree below the normal temperature recorded in the District. It has been recording around 19.5 degrees Celsius. The Vizag agency areas have been recording around 6 degrees Celsius and because of the cold wave, it may fall further. “We can expect the temperature to fall below 0 degrees Celsius or in between 2 to 4 degrees Celsius”, said the Andhra Pradesh Weatherman.

Here is the Cold Wave Impact expected by the IMD: 

  • An increased likelihood of various illnesses like flu, running / stuffy nose or nosebleed, which usually set in or get aggravated due to prolonged exposure to cold.
  • Do not ignore shivering. It is the first sign that the body is losing heat. Get indoors.
  • Frostbite can occur due to prolonged exposure to cold. The skin turns pale, hard and numb, and eventually black blisters appear on exposed body parts such as fingers, toes, nose and or earlobes. Severe frostbite needs immediate medical attention and treatment.
  • Impact on agriculture, water supply, transport and power sector at some places.

Here is the Action suggested for the Cold Wave by the IMD:

  • Moisturize your skin regularly with oil/cream
  • Eat Vitamin-C rich fruits & vegetables and drink sufficient fluids. Preferably warm fluids to maintain adequate immunity.
  • Avoid or limit outdoor activities
  • Keep dry, if wet, change clothes immediately to prevent loss of body heat. Wear insulated/waterproof shoes.
  • Warm the affected area of the body slowly with lukewarm water; do not rub the skin vigorously
  • If the affected skin area turns black, immediately consult a doctor
  • Maintain ventilation while using heaters to avoid inhaling toxic fumes
  • Take safety measures while using electrical and gas heating devices

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