From increasing traffic to dug up roads: 5 common observations in Vizag right now

That Vizag represents a city of clean air, flourishing greenery, and a meagre amount of vehicular traffic might soon turn into a saying of the past. With the city rapidly expanding its horizons, the landscape has witnessed several changes over the past few years. From a soaring population to concrete finding feet wherever possible, the jewel of the East Coast, as it’s fondly called, is transforming and how! And talking about transformations, amid the Covid pandemic, here are some of the common observations in Vizag of late.

5 common observations in Vizag right now

#1 Increasing traffic

One aspect that has certainly been a cause of frustration for several citizens is the worrying surge in traffic. With the number of vehicles being purchased headed northwards, the roads in Vizag nowadays look nothing but cramped for space and screaming for help. Making matters worse is the lack of proper parking space and absence of traffic signals at some key areas in the city.

#2 Dug-up roads

The ongoing works for the underground cabling project seem to have turned Vizag upside down, haven’t they? With the concerned workmen diligently going about their job day in and day out, dug-up roads are no longer alien to the citizens. With the works further adding to the traffic woes in Vizag, we hope the cables are seated underground at the earliest.

#3 The weather fluctuations

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You may wake up to a sunny morning. But hey, don’t just start making hay! What we know is the predictable unpredictability of the weather in Vizag. The Sun might choose to go behind clouds to prompt some showers or the mercury might crouch during the night to call for blankets.

#4 New eateries everywhere

Vizag is a city of foodies, isn’t it? And if you have any doubts, keep a count of the eateries that have been mushrooming across the city over the past few years. From food trucks serving delectable street favourites to chic new restaurants dishing up lavish options, food lovers have certainly been left spoilt for choice.

#5 Covid precautions gone for a toss

From spotting someone without a mask last year to spotting someone wearing one now, times have changed, haven’t they? A drastic drop in Covid cases, accompanied by the vaccine boost, seems to have spelt the pandemic’s end for many. People neglecting physical distancing and not bothering to wear masks in the public is something that needs to be looked at quite seriously. And if the recent trend of the cases surging once again in several parts of the country is anything to go by, coronavirus might be lurking around the corner, ready to pounce upon when the guard is lowered.

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