Visakhapatnam residents divided on beautification of prominent traffic junctions

It is already known that the Visakhapatnam authorities have been focusing on the beautification of five primary junctions in the city. This redevelopment initiative is estimated to incur a cost of approximately 40 lakhs per junction, involving the facelifting of AS Raja Grounds Junction in MVP Colony, Jagadamba Junction, Akkayyapalem Junction, Railway New Colony Junction, and Kailasagiri Junction. According to official statements, these intersections will undergo aesthetic enhancements, including the installation of water fountains and decorative plants.

Despite the officials’ optimism, many residents of Visakhapatnam appear to be sceptical about the GVMC’s decision. A significant portion of the city’s population believes that investing in beautifying these intersections could potentially lead to increased traffic management challenges. Moreover, they argue that there are more pressing matters that require the attention of the civic body. “Numerous areas in the city are in dire need of new roads, and the repair of drainage systems is also an urgent priority,” pointed out one of the respondents of a survey by Yo! Vizag.

A 25-year-old working professional expressed his appreciation for the beautification efforts, as long as they don’t disrupt traffic flow. However, he pointed out that concentrating solely on the city’s prominent areas while neglecting the poor road conditions in the inner parts of the city is counterproductive.

A local artist voiced apprehension about the narrowing of roads in the vicinity of Akkayyapalem and Railway New Colony junctions due to the said redevelopment works. The respondent fears that this development might expand the size of the roundabouts, potentially leading to inadequate traffic management.

“The enhancement of these key city intersections with water fountains and greenery is bound to elevate the city’s aesthetics. It will be a splendid sight and can also boost tourism,” a housewife commented enthusiastically.

A college-going student shared her perspective, stating, “Beautification and planting have the potential to decrease air pollution, enhance the city’s appeal, and provide opportunities for investment in both urban development and tourism. However, it’s essential to consider the significant electricity consumption associated with water fountains.” She suggests that the substantial investment in the redevelopment project could be allocated to other critical infrastructure improvements, such as constructing all-weather roads, fixing potholes, and upgrading the drainage system to prevent water overflow during rainy seasons.

A middle-aged working professional argues that the redevelopment project seems futile because it will heighten the challenges of traffic management. “The city’s existing traffic congestion is already a significant issue, and overseeing it has become increasingly complex,” he pointed out. He contends that this beautification initiative will further constrict the roadways, adding to the difficulties for traffic officials.

These are the sentiments expressed by the residents of Visakhapatnam about the beautification of the above-mentioned traffic junctions. They expressed optimism that the redevelopment of these five intersections would progress swiftly without causing any disruptions or imposing additional traffic hassles.

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