Unraveling Mysteries: 6 Haunted places in South India and their chilling tales

South India is blessed with several unique and outstanding places, from hill stations to royal palaces. Coorg, Deomali, and many historically significant sites like Chandragiri Fort and Gandikota, are popular tourist places. However, these historical and culturally rich lands are also home to some of the most spooky places in India. From legendary tales to horrifying incidents attached to them, these places are sure to give anyone the chills. Are you adventurous and brave enough to visit these haunted places in South India? Well, be extremely cautious if you do.

Here is a list of haunted places in South India:

F2 Building

This building is known to be one of the most haunted places in Chennai, and is located 15 km from the Chennai International Airport. Legend says that the house has been haunted for over 10 years, by the spirit of a woman who passed away there. According to the locals, she opens up the house at midnight every day for guests. People have reportedly experienced strange phenomenon around the house. Some phenomena included hearing a woman wailing and mobile phones flickering, when passing by the building. Google has also marked this place haunted on the maps.

Location: F2 Building, Valmiki Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Kundanbagh Haunted House

This establishment created a sensation amongst people in the year 2002, for its spine-chilling story. A thief had entered this house but to his shock, he found dead bodies of three women, a mother and her two daughters. The thief reported this to the police and upon further investigation, it was found that they had been dead for six months. The most horrifying twist in this story is that the neighbours claim to have seen the women around the house, and hence they did not suspect them of being dead.

Location: Kundanbagh, Hyderabad, Telangana

Lakkidi Gateway

Kerala, as we all know, is beautiful state with its lush green forests and mesmerizing backwaters. Some parts of this state also hold dark stories within them. Lakkidi Gateway is one of them. The legends say that during ancient times, a British professional had taken false credit for finding a way to Lakkidi. He killed a man named Karinthandan, who originally found the place. The spirit of Karinthandan was further bound to a tree, using a metal chain. Over the years the tree has been growing naturally and so has the metal chain! A spine-chilling phenomenon, that is better left unanswered.

Location: Wayanad District, Kerala

Chittoor Railway Station

This is the story of Hari Singh, a CRPF was attacked and injured in 2013 by RPF personnel and TTEs in the railway station. Later, the man succumbed to his injuries and passed away. The reports say that the spirit of this man has been roaming around the station, seeking justice for the crime committed against him. People avoid going to the station after darkness settles. Both ends of the railway station are usually deserted.

Location: Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

25 GB Bonacaud Bungalow

The bungalow was built and owned by a British professional in 1951. However, he had to leave for London as his wife and child were found mysteriously murdered. Soon after his departure, mysterious incidents kept taking place around the locality. A local tale narrates that a young girl had gone near the house to collect firewood. But, after returning she started acting strangely, and spoke English fluently, a language she was unfamiliar with.

Location: Bonacaud Top Road, Kerala

Golkonda Fort

Apart from being a historically significant monument, the Golkonda Fort has its fair share of haunted tales. Some believe that is it haunted by Taramati, a famed dancer and singer, while others believe she was the lover of a king, whose love ended tragically. Hearing sharp cries and clanging utensils from the fort, are two events frequently experienced by people.

Location:  Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana

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