Tips and observations: A newcomer’s take on the nuances of Vizag

Vizag, like all other cities anywhere else in the world, is a city with its own unique set of quirks. It has its own set of learning curves that every newbie will have to go around. Instead of having several curveballs thrown at you if you’re arriving in the city for the first time, here are a few observations and tips from a first-timer’s perspective that might help newcomers with getting into the rhythm of Vizag.

Here are three tips and three observations for all the newcomers to Vizag out there.



Vizag is big on food! There is a huge variety of cuisines and options to choose from, and you’ll rarely ever be disappointed with the way things taste. If you’re buying food at any roadside stall or restaurant, the prices most likely won’t match the quantity you will receive. The quantities of food are often extravagant in comparison to the prices they’re sold at. You can expect a single serving of biryani or fried rice, or a curry, to be enough to feed a minimum of two adults.


Vizag has many vehicles. Many! However, junctions and road intersections are planned out in such a way that no matter how congested the road is with vehicles, the traffic is always moving. However slowly the traffic moves, you’ll never find yourself at a traffic stop for more than a couple of minutes.

Greenery and Hills

This is something that no amount of staring at google maps will prepare you for. Vizag is full of trees, even in the heart of the city. You will not enter a single colony in the city where there isn’t at least one tree that is over 20 feet tall. Another thing you’ll notice is that several hills cut into the city and create a type of boundary between the localities of the city. An example of this would be the way Kailasagiri divides MVP Colony from Visalakshi Nagar.

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Uber Cabs at the airport

The moment you come out of the building, you can book yourself an Uber cab and look for signs that point you towards an Uber taxi stand in the airport parking lot there are signs stuck on the footpaths and signboards that you should look for that will point you to the Uber stand.

Visiting popular spots

If you want to explore the city and visit all the popular spots it has to offer, make sure you do it during weekdays and before 6:00 P.M. Popular spots and the city, in general, get a bit crowded after six in the evening. You’ll find most spots jam-packed with people from neighbouring towns and villages during the weekends. If you want to have a relaxed and calm experience while exploring the city, do it during the day on weekdays.

Learn a bit of Telugu

Most of the drivers and shopkeepers you speak to will have a basic knowledge of either English or Hindi, but at times, you might find yourself having to deal with someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of either language. You can easily navigate these sorts of situations if you learn a bit of Telugu. Some basic words should be more than enough to get the job, as most people are fairly perceptive.

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