These places in India that glow at night are a sight to behold

There was a time when one could easily see several stars in the night sky, without a problem. However, that is rarely the case anymore in the modern day with artificial light taking over the cities. Nevertheless, few places in India light up naturally, not due to the presence of stars in the sky, but rather due to an extraordinary phenomenon called bioluminescence. In this phenomenon, light is produced and emitted by living organisms. We have curated a list of places in India that glow at night, which are a sight to behold.

Here is a list of places in India that glow at night.

Mattu Beach

This beach located 10 km from Udipi, Karnataka, glows to life when the night falls. Located at a secluded spot, the experience of watching glowing waves at this beach is elevated altogether. This pristine beach is perfect for long walks, picnics and dates with your loved ones. Have a good swimming session at the beach and later enjoy the sunsets as well as the glowing waters.

Best time to visit: October to January


This village is a four-hour drive away from Mumbai and is truly one of a kind. Right before monsoons are about to hit India, thousands of fireflies swarm into this village for mating. One can witness more than two thousand species of fireflies in their full charm here. Consider yourself lucky if it rains when you are visiting this place. The sight of lush greenery, drizzles, and magnificent fireflies is truly marvellous.

Best time to visit: May and June

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

This beach is located in the Thiruvanmiyur neighbourhood of Chennai. On the night of 18 August 2019, it was discovered that the beach is bioluminescent, and people have been loving it even more since then. One can also enjoy other activities on the beach like cycling, cricket, visiting the temple, and binging on snacks.

Best time to visit: Winter Season

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Swapnagandha Valley of Goa is the place that glows at night. The Western Ghats are blessed with rich biodiversity among which is the bio-luminescent fungus called Mycena Genus Fungi. These glowing mushrooms are found on decaying logs, twigs, and slumps. These mushrooms are found on rainy days. Luckily, the wildlife sanctuary remains open during the monsoon season.

Best time to visit: June to October

Betalbatim Beach

Located between Colva Beach and Majorda Beach in Goa is the Betalbatim Beach spread over kilometres. Its golden sands are covered in pine trees. The northern part of this is known as sunset beach, as it offers some breathtaking glimpses of sunsets. As the darkness settles in, the majestic waters of the sea light up, offering us a sight to behold. If fortunate enough, one can even spot dolphins in the waters.

Best time to visit: November to July

Ahupe Village

A small forest of the Ahupe Village is another magnificent place in India that lights up in the dark. Again the presence of Mycena fungus causes this unique phenomenon. Ahupe is a tribal village located near the Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve in Maharashtra.

Best time to visit: Monsoon Season

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