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The origin of the famous Bamboo Chicken in Araku and its preparation technique

Bamboo chicken, a culinary gem that hails from Araku, has captured the taste buds of both locals and tourists, turning it into a signature dish across the region. Nestled in the serene hill station, this unique delicacy has become a sensation, drawing attention for its rustic appeal and traditional cooking method. In the quiet town of Araku, the Adivasi Community has perfected the art of preparing bamboo chicken, infusing it with flavors that are both spicy and aromatic.

The process begins with small chicken pieces marinated in a blend of red chillies, ginger, garlic, and a medley of spices. These seasoned delights are then carefully placed on bamboo leaves, wrapped, and inserted into hollow bamboo stems. What sets bamboo chicken apart is the slow and meticulous cooking process. Over a wood fire, the bamboo stems cradle the marinated chicken, undergoing a patient 45-50 minute slow-cooking journey until perfection is achieved. To ensure even cooking, the stems are attentively rotated during the process.

Amidst the cool climate of Araku, one can savor the piping hot and fiery bamboo chicken, an experience that epitomizes the region’s culinary prowess. For those seeking a quicker bite, chicken skewers offer a delightful alternative. Prepared with the same spice mix, these skewers are available at a modest cost of Rs 20-25 per stick, providing a more accessible option for a swift nibble.

What adds to the allure of bamboo chicken is the absence of oil in its preparation. Instead, locally sourced ingredients such as salt, chilli, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste, and coriander leaves are employed to create a flavor that is both wholesome and authentic. Crafting bamboo chicken is indeed an art. The marination process requires delicate handling to ensure that each piece absorbs the rich blend of flavors without compromising its integrity. In the heart of Araku, bamboo chicken stands tall as a culinary masterpiece, inviting all who appreciate traditional, flavoursome delights to partake in its unique charm.

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