Reevaluating eye health at Arka Advanced Eye Care, Visakhapatnam

It’s commonly said that the eyes are the windows to the world. A true fact, not only for romantics but for doctors as well. The eyes are a terminal to the mind, and therefore it is important to portray them in the right way. Many eye concerns can be asymptomatic and completely out of our control. It is essential to identify these reasons, take corrective measures, and protect them constantly. The Arka Advanced Eye Care is one of the leading centres in Visakhapatnam for all eye care needs.

Committed to providing the best eye care with modern technology and a completely patient-centric approach, they aim to provide appropriate service. The founders, Dr Kiranmaye TVH and Dr Raghava JV set up the eye clinic in Visakhapatnam with a vision to provide the best eye care solutions in a patient easy environment.

The vast clinical experience of these specialists helps understand the needs and concerns of patients. Both the doctors have completed their postgraduation at the Andhra Medical College (AMC), Visakhapatnam and have also completed long term fellowships at the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. While Dr Kiranmaye takes interest in Glaucoma, Dr Raghava is a Cornea Specialist.

A complete medical profile, and two-way communication system, are employed to devise a plan of improvement with the appropriate procedure. This is the norm practised at Arka. Advanced surgeries, such as lasers, and other modern technological solutions are used to treat patients with utmost care. The services offered here are inclusive of all eye-related concerns. In a short span of one year, the clinic has conducted various surgeries and treated many patients with eye concerns. The Arka Advanced Eye Care in Visakhapatnam also offers in-house optical solutions to provide dedicated service.

Before starting this venture, the specialists cum founders had a successful career at the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Vizag. They have over 10 years of experience in eye care and specialise in Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Cornea related issues. Driven by a team of friendly and skilled professionals, Arka focuses on providing cost-effective consultations, holistic treatments, and advanced surgeries, all with a minimal waiting period.

Services offered at this eye clinic in Visakhapatnam:

Treating hundreds of asymptomatic eye concerns, the professionals of Arka Eye Clinic employ modern technology in procedures such as:

  • Refractive surgeries: Sight power is one of the most common eye-related concerns. Refractive surgeries are performed to correct the power of the eye’s sight. It is usually done to reduce the dependence on glasses or contact lenses.
  • Cataract surgeries: These surgeries are conducted for those suffering from a clouded lens and blurry vision. A cataract is conducted to either completely remove the lens or replace it with an artificial lens. Modern technology is employed to ensure a smooth and safe treatment.
  • Glaucoma is an asymptomatic disease that damages the optic nerve and causes progressive visual field loss. This is treated with the help of a tailored program to suit the needs of the patient. Eyedrops, lasers and surgeries are common options.
  • Cornea Treatments:
    Any infections related to the Cornea, Pterygium, Keratoconus, Ocular Trauma, and Ocular Surface Disorders are all treated with modern technology and non-invasive methods whenever possible.

The eye clinic also offers detailed evaluations for patients who wish to take regular eye checkups to stay safe from unforeseen concerns. The eye forms a crucial part of our well-being. It is a blessing in disguise which needs extra attention, especially with the new normal of the digitalized world. So taking the advice of the specialists at Arka Advanced Eye Care, let us make sure we keep the windows of our body clean and well protected.

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