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Iconic food items from other cities we wish we had in Vizag 

Food is the best way to steal one’s heart, and restaurants in Vizag have been constantly trying to bring in variety to please Vizagites. Though the food here is mainly concentrated around the local taste, a few restaurants which have experimented with global cuisine have also made a name. We definitely love our weekly dose of muri mixture or biryani, but what if these iconic dishes from other cities set up shop in Vizag? Food lovers in the city will definitely resonate with our feelings right now! 

Check out the list of iconic and famous food items from other cities we wish we had in Vizag!  

 #1 Hyderabadi Biryani  

No hard feelings, but Hyderabadi Biryani replicas in the city do not do justice. Apart from famous biryanis like the Kamat Fry Piece Biryani or Godavari Mixed Biryani, food lovers would love to have more options! Keeping other political feelings aside, the introduction of authentic Hyderabadi Biryani in Vizag will do a lot of good. If you have ever tried the Mutton Keema Biryani from Café Bahar or the Mutton Biryani from Bawarchi you will know what we are talking about.  

#2 DBC from Bengaluru 

Death By Chocolate (DBC) is a famous ice-cream dish across many ice-cream parlours. Though the dish is available in Vizag, nothing can match the taste of DBC from Corner House in Bengaluru. The local ice cream chain is yet to branch out to other cities, and we strongly wish Vizag is on their list. The dish comes with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, and corner house signature chocolate fudge topped with roasted groundnuts and a cherry. We are sure Vizagites will fall in love with this DBC.  

 #3 Vada Pav from Mumbai  

A dish that needs no introduction, Vada Pavs are every Mumbaikar’s staple. A world apart from the frozen version we generally get in Vizag, the original Vada Pav from Mumbai is a dish you can eat every day. It’s not just the filling but also the pav that is freshly made and coated in butter. Known as the common man’s delight, would you like to see the original Vada Pav in Vizag? Let us know in the comments below.


#4 Kothu Parotta from Chennai  

Kothu Parotta is famous street food from Tamil Nadu that is filled with traditional spices and a wholesome flavour. It is a dish that is famous for its style of making. Hot parottas are smashed with two glasses on a hot tawa and a handful of vegetables are added along with spices. Lastly, the egg is mixed into the dish giving it a taste you will never forget. The dish is paired with curry and is served on a banana leaf. The best dish to savour on a chilly evening, we are currently manifesting from this Tamilian dish to come to Vizag.  

#5 Xacuti from Goa  

The one place that is a paradise for food lovers across India, Goa is known for its exclusive flavours. From seafood to vegetarian delicacies, the one dish everyone must try when they visit Goa is the Xacuti. It is a curry with distinctive Goan flavours. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, this curry is best paired with a hot cup of rice or parotta. The coconut-flavoured dish will be your new favourite. If the shack culture ever blesses Vizag, Xacuti is one dish we would love to welcome.  

 Let us know in the comments below or ping us on Instagram and let us know which other iconic or famous food item from other cities you would love to see in Vizag.  


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