Historical monuments in India that apprise some epic tales of love and devotion

Certainly, the vast lands of India are home to some of the most stunning monuments in the world. They not only represent the rich culture and history of India but, also tell some epic tales of love, devotion, and pride. From Rani Udayamati’s undying love for her husband, King Bhima to Rani Padmavati’s great sacrifice for her people, all these legendary tales that follow these historical monuments in India will leave one amazed.

Here is a list of historical monuments in India that apprise some epic tales of love, sacrifice and devotion.

#1 Chittorgarh Fort

An epic monument that resonates with love, loyalty, sacrifice, and Rajasthani pride. It is spread over 700 acres and is known to have witnessed the fury of Alauddin Khilji who was blinded by love. As per the legends, Alauddin Khilji attacked Chittorgarh to capture Rani Padmavati, as her unrivalled beauty struck him. However, after Raja Ratan Singh was killed in the war, Rani Padmavati and other ladies of the kingdom committed mass Jauhar. The fort is also linked to Rani Meera Bai, a devotee of Lord Krishna. This legendary fort can be seen in the movie Padmaavat.

Location: Chittor Fort Road, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

#2 Roopmati Mandap

The Roopmati Pavilion overlooks the Nimar Valley and was constructed in the 16th century. As per the legends, Roopmati was a singer and a shepherdess. Baz Bahadur, the Muslim ruler of Malwa fell in love with her and married her. Regardless of coming from different backgrounds, they lead a peaceful life. However, the romantic tale turned tragic when Adham Khan was sent to capture Mandu. Adham Khan was also captivated by the beauty of Roopmati. Baz Bahadur lost the war against him and Roopmati killed herself to escape him. The Roopmati Pavilion representing Afghan architecture on sandstone is a sigh to behold.

Location: Mandu, Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh

#3 Rani Ki Vav

Rani Ki Vav or the Queen’s Stepwell is situated on the banks of the Saraswati River. It was constructed in the 11th century, as a remembrance of King Bhima I of the Solanki Dynasty, by his wife Rani Udayamati. The historical monument was built in the Maru-Gurjara architecture style and is an embodiment of the queen’s love towards the king. Rani Ki Vav is designed as an inverted temple, making it a must visit historical monument in India.

Location:  Mohan Nagar Society, Patan, Gujarat

#4 Humayun’s Tomb

Situated in the Nizamuddin East area of Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb was built in 1565 A.D. It was entirely built under the command of Humayun’s widow, Empress Biga Begum, nine years after his death. She was greatly saddened by her husband’s passing and thereby dedicated her entire life to building his tomb. Mirak Mirza Ghiyath was the architect of this historical monument in India. The monument became the first to represent the grandiosity of Mughal architecture in India. It was later used as a grave for several Mughal rulers.

Location: Mathura road, Nizamuddin East, Delhi

#5 Mastani Mahal

Mastani Mahal was built by Peshwa Bajirao, as a residence for his supposed lover Mastani Bai. She was the daughter of Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundela. The monument was constructed as Mastani was not permitted to reside with Peshwa Bajirao’s family. Mastani Mahal is built in Wada architecture or Courtyard architecture. Currently, a part of the palace has been converted into a museum, for visitors to witness its history.

Location: Kamal Kunj, Bajirao Rd, Natu Baag, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra

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