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GVMC proposes a weekly ‘dry day’ for a clean, healthy Vizag

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Commissioner (GVMC) G Srijana has requested netizens of Vizag to observe every Friday as a Dry day. This initiative was taken as a precautionary measure by the GVMC officials in view of the coming monsoon. The Dry day initiative will also help keep in time with the pandemic and ensures Vizag as a community paves no way for comorbid situations. The underlying aim of the dry day initiative is to take precautionary measures against the spread of seasonal diseases like malaria and dengue. 

Previously the word Dry Day was used only in the excise department, but with the changing times the word has nothing to do with alcohol prohibition and is used to contain mosquito breeding keeping neat and dry.

Organizing the dry day initiative, the officials have also laid out the guidelines that would help in maintaining this initiative’s decorum. The officials have advised to change the water used for households in the water tanks every two days. Objects like coconuts and plastics shouldn’t be kept around the house. 

The GVMC officials have also geared up to help this initiative. Authorities have been ordered to remove waste materials, plastic and household waste regularly. The frontline workers who help in keeping the city clean have also been asked to remove blockages and clear any stagnation of waters in front of houses and drains. The chief medical officer was ordered to levy a penalty fee from the house if anyone placed stones or jets across the drains. The Sanitary Inspector was directed to clean the roads and drains every day, to keep the garbage out of sight. They have also been advised to move the garbage to the dumping yard from time to time. Sanitation staff was instructed to collect door-to-door garbage every day, to separate wet-dry garbage, and to avoid littering in public places. The Assistant City Planner was instructed to immediately remove the housing waste and charge a fine to the homeowner who did not remove the waste.


A similar initiative was organised two years back by GVMC to protect the city from viral diseases and keep Vizag clean and healthy.


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