6 hangout spots in Gitam campus, Vizag that make college life memorable

Memories resonate across every corner of the expansive GITAM Vizag campus, enriching the students to have a vibrant college life. Beyond the classrooms, the true essence of college life unfolds in its corridors, roads, parks, and canteens. These spots become the birthplace of enduring memories and just steps away, the beach adds an extra touch of joy—like relishing tasty Maggi with friends, just the perfect way to enjoy an evening. Within the confines of the GITAM Vizag campus, there exist six popular hangout spots where students convene, socialize, and forge enduring memories with their peers.

Coke Station Road

Renowned for its vibrant flashmobs during festivals, serves as a hub for student clubs and organizations to promote their events. This locale sees the daily gathering of hundreds of students before and after classes. Noteworthy for its transformation into a fast-food street the area is home to pani puri and chaat stalls along with some mouth watering momos capture the attention of the students. The area also features essential shops offering clothing and stationery for students.

The Open Auditorium

Strategically positioned between the GITAM Institute of Management and Vennela’s canteen, stands out as one of the best spots for socializing on the GITAM Vizag campus. Students frequently occupy this space, engaging in conversations even during unconventional hours. Locally referred to as ‘Open Audi,’ this spot witnesses the planning of numerous projects and assignments. The Kalakrithi folks can often be found practising their routines here. However, its true vibrancy emerges during festivals, creating an electric atmosphere that are etched in the memories of GITAM alumni.

Fashion Street

Located beneath the ICT Chandrahas building, this establishment is the heartbeat of GITAM’s fashion-forward community. Serving as a lively area, it offers a plethora of amenities, including supermarkets and a Domino’s outlet. GUSAC, the oldest student club, hosts various technology-related activities along this corridor. Fashion Street has become a haven for students seeking relaxation, respite from rigorous classes, and casual conversations with friends, consistently earning its status as the most frequented hangout spot on the GITAM Vizag campus.

Central Parking

Affectionately known as CP, this is the designated area where all student vehicles are parked on campus. Adjacent to Bheema’s canteen, this two-wheeler parking space becomes a gathering spot for students during breaks. Whether day scholars or hostellers, this place accommodates everyone and serves as a meeting point for students with vehicles and those commuting by bus.

The Indoor Stadium and Cricket Stadium

This Stadium is a testament to GITAM’s growth in sports over the years, and how it has enabled many players across the city to hone their skills. These facilities provide students with ample opportunities to engage in sports throughout the day, enabling many to represent Vizag at district, state, national, and international competitions.

GIMSR & Talent Cafes

GITAM college cafe’s Offer cosy spaces for students to unwind. Talent Cafe, a platform for showcasing talents, allows students to sing, recite poetry, perform comedy, and display various skills. Another well reputed cafe in college, GIMSR Cafe, features a live kitchen where GITAMiates can order and savour a variety of dishes while spending quality time with friends.

GITAM Vizag campus is a lively hub where students forge connections at diverse hangout spots like Coke Station Road, the Open Auditorium, and Fashion Street. These areas, along with sports facilities and cafes, contribute to a vibrant and memorable college experience.

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