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From salad to ice cream, best vegan-friendly options to try in Vizag today

Vizag, the City of Destiny, has finally opened up to new and inclusive options for vegans who not only don’t eat meat but also avoid dairy. Though a few restaurants had one or two options for quite some time now, finding good ice cream was always a hassle. Looks like the vegan culture has picked up in the city, as you can now order anything from a salad to dessert, everything vegan. Available in-restaurant and on food delivery apps, check out these vegan-friendly options available in Vizag.

Here is a list of vegan-friendly options to try in Vizag from salad to ice cream.

#1 Vegan salad

Who said only non-vegetarians have the best source of protein? You should get them to have this vegan salad from Plenty The Kitchen of Destiny. It is packed with tofu, chickpeas, soya, and rajma (all protein-rich) and topped with some zucchini and assorted vegetables, making it the perfect salad. For all those who enjoy eating light and healthy check out their vast menu of vegan options. Another place to check out in Vizag for vegan salad would be the newly opened Fitwayz which also promises a nutrition-rich vegan salad.

#2 Vegan Garlic Bread

Yes, you read that right! Vegan garlic bread is now made possible by Bombay Pizza Company located in Dwaraka Nagar. Giving you the same creamy and cheese experience, check out their range the next time you feel left out at a pizza party.

#3 Vegan pasta

Could it get any better for all those who have to avoid dairy cause their bodies are allergic? Two restaurants in the city offer vegan pasta options. Something is better than nothing right! Check out Fitwayz and Plenty The Kitchen of Destiny for what they have to offer all vegans who love their pasta.

#4 Vegan Samosas

Located a little away from the city, I Scream Vegan is a dream come true for every vegan practitioner. They serve everything vegan from samosas to thick shakes. Make sure to try their Oreo Heaven the next to drive by NAD.

#5 Vegan milkshakes

This one got us the most excited! For someone who is lactose intolerant, it is very hard to always indulge in dairy-free shakes when you catch up with friends. For those who enjoy the lifestyle, we salute you. As mentioned above, I Scream Vegan has a good range of vegan thick shakes. Drunken Monkey on the other hand has launched a bunch of vegan milkshakes, and their date-night smoothie is our favourite! You can also check out another new restaurant Paradiso for a wide range of Vegan options.

#6 Vegan Coffee

Not everyone is a fan of black coffee otherwise called Americano. For all those who love their filter coffee hot and strong, SLAY Coffee is the perfect place to go. They also offer an option of Vegan Iced Latte for those who love cold coffees.

#7 Vegan Ice cream

Last but not the least, everyone’s favourite has got to be ice cream! Though Baskin Robbins was the go-to option for a long time for vegan ice creams, Vizag now has more. A new franchise from Delhi, Giani has been making the headline for some time now in Vizag. With some unique flavours to offer, they also have vegan options. Dark chocolate sorbet is our top pick. One of the best vegan ice cream options available in Vizag.

Let us know in the comments below how excited are you to try these Vegan-friendly options in Vizag

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