Feelings of every Vizagite on a rainy day

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted that the city of Vizag will witness moderate to heavy rain over the next 24 hours. Due to a strong low-pressure formation in the Bay of Bengal, the North Coastal Andhra region, including Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Paderu, and others, is said to experience the same as Vizag. With the rainfall alert, many of us are disappointed as our weekend plans have been sabotaged. So we at Yo! Vizag have decided to articulate the feelings of Vizagites on a rainy day.

That urge to go to the beach

The beach is the place for all our moods, any day. But one must admit that the beach has a different feel to it on a rainy day. Especially, moments before it rains and when dark clouds loom over the calm sea, the scenes look surreal. For those who enjoy getting wet in the rain once in a while, there is no better place than the beach.

Time for a long drive

Long drives and rain are a match made in heaven and the perfect choice of music elevates the experience to a different level altogether. Gather your best buddies, set your playlist, and get on your hands on the seeing wheel the next time it rains for a fun time.

Tip: Try the Rushikonda to Bheemili road for a great view during the drive. PS: Drive safe and slow.

Where is my Mirchi Bajji?

Imagine sitting on the balcony and biting on a hot and spicy Mirchi Bajji topped with some roasted peanuts and fresh onions as it rains. Not just for foodies, but it is one of the best feelings ever for anyone out there. While Mirchi Bajji is the most popular option, you can also consider a hot samosa or jalebi for a snack on a rainy day.

OMG it’s gonna be so hot tomorrow

It is a common scene in Vizag that the day after it rains is comparatively hot and sunny. While the roads are clogged with rainwater, the heat from above gets onto our nerves and is surely one of the most irritating feelings.

Netflix and Chai

Though some people enjoy going for drives on a rainy day, most of us prefer staying within the comfort of our homes. Wrapped in a warm blanket and sipping hot tea, a movie binge is one of the most relaxing things to do.

Stay tuned to Yo! Vizag for more and let us know what you love to do the most on a rainy day in the comments.

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