The Fashion Designer who drapes you in an Indian Art Statement- Ayush Kejriwal

Divergent and revolutionary, Ayush Kejriwal lets his work speak for himself. Be it wedding ready sarees, bespoke drapes, fabrics, dresses or jewelry, the fashion designer makes sure you have a statement piece of Indian Art.

35-year-old Indian origin, UK based fashion designer Ayush Kejriwal has taken the world of fashion as well as social media by storm. While carving a niche for himself and doing something different, he has explored working on socially relevant designs. An exploration of Indian Art on it’s fabric treasures to create statement pieces. The responses have naturally led him down the path of using his work for campaigning with his work both on social and offline media.

Keeping It Real

“I work on designing clothes that anybody and everybody can identify with and relate to in terms of personal style.”

Conceptualising and creating a line that everybody can wear and carry naturally is what Ayush concentrates on. His creations include designs, silhouettes and pieces that are for people who are not afraid to dabble with bold and ground breaking designs in Indian wear. A definite focus on a larger, empowered clientele and not just celebrities, models etc. can be seen.

A point he makes here is to design and showcase his line on a range of South Asian women of varied skin colours. Faced with the frequently asked question– “I am quite dark, do you have something for me?” has driven Ayush to prove through his work that, “How we look should not dictate how we live our lives.”

Signature Style & Bespoke Colors

“I design for the woman, who is brave and rebel enough to not let the skin colour or body type dictate what she wears.”

Ayush Kejriwal’s creations are characterised by a brilliant interplay of colours and patterns that standout separately and when put together blend harmoniously for an explosive style statement. The vivid clash of vintage colours and prints to create a modern ensemble is what he is best at. Look no further for sarees that are works of art, indulgent Anarkalis and Lehengas and a trousseau so different as to be aspired to by women with an edge to their own personality and style.

Ayush Kejriwal feels passionately about his bias towards the use of blue, purple and other bold colours in designing for the neo-Indian woman who isn’t afraid to go for the bold look in wearable Indian Art.

Heirloom Handlooms

“India has such a rich offering of handlooms that I love experimenting with fabrics and textures in the work I do.”

A given lover of the handloom heritage of India, one can clearly make this out in the designs that Ayush creates. Every piece carries craftsmanship in using divergent fabric, textiles and weaves from across India. The result is nothing short of heirloom pieces that are such as to be passed on and treasured across generations. But just like everyone else, a designer especially has his favourites.
When asked his reply will be, “Bhagalpuri Matka Silks and Patola of course!”

Timeless over Trendy

“There is no particular trend I follow, for I try to make each one of my designs timeless in appeal.”

For Ayush, the love affair is in using a lot of different elements in creating his works. Absolutely not a follower of trends, he uses a mixture of classic, contemporary and experimental elements in designing wardrobe masterpieces that stand out in his signature craftsmanship. His clientele is eloquent in their admiration for this unique feature of the designer.

His Best Work So Far

“Every piece that I create is my personal best and a favourite that is close to my heart and soul.”
Protesting the notion of something that can be called ‘the best outfit’ that he has designed, Ayush is very candid in telling us that he prefers to design a limited number of pieces over hundreds. This lets him make each one of them a dedicated effort and exclusive creation of his craftsmanship.

Styling Celebrities

“Vidya Balan is known for setting herself apart and carving a different genre for herself. Her wearing my design goes on to prove that good taste in good clothes can be very much relatable in the real world.”

As one of Vidya Balan’s favourite designers, he shares that he does not create differently for a celebrity brand image. Ayush makes it a point to extend the theme of his dressing for all who would like ‘to wear him’. The emphasis on creating designs for everyone is what he does for celebrities as well, a refreshing take on the world of glamour and high fashion.

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