Veg or Non Veg: The Vizag Gastronomic Showdown

Food has a huge significance in our day-today-day life. It connects two friends over a conversation, it can sometimes make a bad day into a good one. Food is associated with culture and tradition, and plays a huge role in a diverse country like India. With a large section of people going vegan worldwide, its not surprising that this culture is becoming prevalent in India. In a multicultural land like ours, veg and non veg food are consumed almost equally. People have their own reasons, be it caste, culture or just personal beliefs for consuming their preferred food.

Do Vizagites prefer veg or non- veg food? Team Yo! Vizag decided to ask some Vizagites to know their take on food.

“I’m a non-vegetarian and would mostly prefer non-veg food. There are some restaurants, I prefer eating from, I love American chopsuey and it’s made best at Daspalla executive court only!  I love the chicken platter at upland bistro, I love chicken lollipops from SOMAA, and also Arabian fish Mandi from Mandi croods is unbeatable. My preference is non-veg food as its frequently made at my home.” – Rebecca, 19

“I prefer vegetarian food at most times, I like to eat starters/appetisers like crispy corn, aloo 65 and stuff like that. The quality of chicken is not great at many restaurants and I’m not a person who is big on seafood so I don’t prefer having non-veg from restaurants. Some places I like to go would be Rockdale for veg starters and varieties of pulao. I prefer Meghalaya for South Indian breakfast (idli, dosas, etc.).” – Tushika , 20

“I did follow veganism for a while but could not continue it due to some health reasons. Right now I’m a vegetarian and I believe in protecting animals to bring a change to this world. I like to go to certain restaurants like Eaters stop, GYPSY, Cakery and so on. The vegan restaurants, I like to go to in Vizag are Kaloreez, Makeba and Gluttons garage.” – Arpita, 19

“I prefer non vegetarian, as it gives me utmost satisfaction whenever I want to eat outside. food. Anyways we eat veggies in home so why go out and eat that again. My preferred restaurants to eat good non veg food are FSM, Eater stop, and Miami Club. For chicken biryani, I love to go to Spicy Venue and Paradise Biryani”- Ghazal Singh, 21

“I prefer vegetarian food, as my family are vegetarian. But I am also deeply concerned towards animals. My favourite restaurants are Sai ram Parlour, bread world, blind chemistry and Zamindari restaurant. My preferred vegetarian foods are fried rice, biryani, sandwich, burgers and so on.” – Vaishnavi, 19

“I am a vegetarian, and I prefer street food, more than going to restaurants. I prefer vegetarian foods as I belong to  a vegetarian family, Foods like pani puri, sev puri, chaat are my usuals but if I have to mention an restaurant then it would be FoodEx, I like the rolls they sell”. – Bharathi, 25

At the end of the day, Food is something that we can never say no to, be it vegetarian or non vegetarian.

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