Decoding Rama Krishna song from Akhil’s Agent: A new anti-definition of L.O.V.E

We have seen a lot of peppy breakup songs off late and the latest to join the bandwagon is Akhil’s Rama Krishna song from his upcoming big-budgeted movie Agent. Unlike the previous posters, songs, and teasers, in which the protagonist was portrayed in dapper and rustic looks, the recently released song has an Indianised appeal. The Hiphop Tamizha composition attracted a mix of reactions, with a majority terming it a passable number. Interestingly, the lyrics, composed by the Oscar-winning lyricist Chandrabose, managed to strike a chord with many heartbroken ones for mirroring their real-life situations.

Here is the Rama Krishna song from Akhil’s Agent decoded to understand the breakup emotion of the protagonist.

  • The lyricist gives us a new anti-definition of L.O.V.E which is as follows:
    • L antene Lose-eh Kadha
    • O ante Overdose-eh Kadha
    • V antene Virus Kadha
    • E ante Katha end Kadha 
  • The song also expresses its emotions by making us understand the change in one’s life and lifestyle after the breakup:
    1. Rama Poyi Krishna Vacche means: from being a Maryada Purshottama to being a Leela Purshottama
    2. Baadhe Poyi Happy Vacche: from sadness to happiness,
    3. Night-eh Poyi light-eh vacche:  from darkness to light,
    4. Prema pothu pothu – Edho Nerpinchindha: from ignorance to knowledge,
    5. Vachinda vachinda freedom vachinda: from bondage to freedom;
  • The following lyrics tell us how after a breakup:
    • Lolli mottham poyinda: Disturbance is gone in your life
    • Dil-u kaali ayinda: Heart is Clear
    • Govinda hari Govinda: Makes way for Devotion in one’s life.
  • The below lyrics are philosophical in nature after breakup.
    • Nuvve nenanna nene nuvvanna: before breakup I was you and you were me,
    • Love marinda Govinda Govinda: Love changed to Devotion,
    • Naatho nenunna naakai nenunna : I am with me and for me I am there.
  • The below lyrics are creative in nature, it is said that great artists get inspired by sad events in their lives.
    • Life-eh aaginda hey Govinda Govinda:  When life stops to remember the God,
    •  Mabbutho breakup ayitheney: Chinuke varadhalle pongunu ga:  When rain drops break up with clouds, it pours torrentially,
    • Kallatho breakup ayitheney:  Kalale nijamalle maarunu ga:
       When life stops to remember the God.
  • The below lyrics talk about the end and new beginning along with loss and victories :
    • Ende naaku neede kadha : You are only my end.
      Ending naaku starting kadha: The ending is the new beginning,
      Paina lona tholichesthunna: I am looking inside and outside myself,
      Dhanne minche gelupe raadha: Loss paves the way for new victories.

Most of the breakup sufferers would find a new definition of LOVE after the suffering they have undergone. Write your new anti-definition of Love after your breakup in the comments below.

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