Culinary Delights on the Silver Screen: Telugu cinema stirring Food cravings amongst viewers

Telugu films not only captures hearts with its storytelling and performances but also tantalizes taste buds with delicious on-screen culinary creations. From sumptuous ghee dosas to flavorful chutneys, some Telugu cinema portrays food in a delicious and homely manner that they transform ordinary viewers into food aficionados. The Tollywood film industry beautifully blends emotion, action, and food. This article delves into a cinematic journey of delectable moments, exploring the movies that have successfully got audience craving for these yummy dishes.

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy – Tea

In the hilarious comedy entertainer, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Nani’s character tantalizingly describes the tea-making process. First, he insists on boiling half a litre of milk and a quarter litre of water. Then, add a generous amount of tea powder and sugar to achieve that perfect cup of aromatic chai. After a thorough boil, meticulously filter the blend, leaving you with an irresistible, aromatic tea. A perfect cup of chai in the rains is something which everyone craves for.

Awaara – Ghee Dosa

In Awaara, the protagonist, Karthi who plays Shiva, finds himself in a diner, craving for a perfectly crisp dosa. He instructs the waiter, emphasizing on the art of dosa preparation—a one-sided roast, laced with just enough ghee for that mouthwatering flavour. The way he paints the scene leaves viewers yearning for a tantalizing ghee-infused dosa immediately.

Deshamudhuru – Mango Pickle

In the iconic Allu Arjun’s movie, Desamudhuru, Kovai Sarala’s expressions and narration while savoring mango pickle evoke an undeniable craving. Her relishing of the pickle and describing how it complements hot rice paints a mouthwatering picture. The scene leaves the audience longing for the tangy delight of mango pickle blended perfectly with warm rice which gives the comfort of home.

Oh Baby! – Fish curry

In the charming movie Oh Baby, Samantha’s character imparts a delectable fish curry recipe. Stressing the importance of finely ground spices and the significance of tamarind pulp, especially with the fish, she elevates the dish. Her description tempts the audience to replicate this method instantly, promising a burst of flavors in every bite of the enticing fish curry.

Middle Class Melodies – Bombay Chutney

In Middle Class Melodies, Anand Devarakonda’s character achieves a culinary triumph by crafting the perfect Bombay Chutney. The meticulous process, from oil infusion to the tantalizing tadka, and the addition of the magical ingredient—mango—captures the essence of the art. The portrayal entices viewers, leaving them craving for the tempting Bombay Chutney.

18 Pages – Muntha Masala

In the film 18 Pages, Anupama Parameswaran’s character shares a secret recipe for Muntha Masala. Her vivid description, from finely cutting onions to adding that mysterious ingredient elevating the murimixture’s taste, piques curiosity. The anticipation to uncover the undisclosed element and recreate the savory recipe leaves taste buds tingling. We Vizagites are extremely familiar with the taste of perfect Murimixture at the Beach road which is a perfect snack to savour.

Telugu cinema infuses food dishes like no other, leaving us craving for these scrumptious dishes. Let us know which of these Telugu movies got you craving for some delectable food.

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