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AP Weatherman: “Vizag to experience above-normal heat, compared to the last 5-6 years.”

India is bracing for a harsh summer season in 2024, according to a recent forecast by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Temperatures are expected to be higher than normal from March to May, and the northeast peninsular region, comprising Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and north interior Karnataka, is expected to experience heatwaves. But what can Vizag, in particular, expect the weather report for summer 2024 to be?

With the onset of March, the city has already been feeling the immense heat. Cotton shirts have replaced thick jackets, the bustling streets have cleared out, and people are making themselves home in the comfort of air conditioning. The signature humidity and perspiration we associate with Vizag is undoubtedly back.

Several regions across Andhra Pradesh have already recorded 40°C temperatures in the first few days of March. To understand what this means for Vizag’s summer to come, we talked to AP Weatherman, Sai Praneeth.

“This year’s summer is going to be harsh in Vizag, because of the ongoing El Nino phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean. The summer temperatures are likely to be higher than usual, especially in April and May. While we can’t accurately predict what numbers to expect, the anomaly of temperature will be higher than normal. That is to say – with Vizag’s average temperature being usually 35°C during this time, it can go up to around 40°C in 2024. There’s very little chance of rainfall. Locals can expect hotter weather, compared to the last five to six years. The summer will peak at the end of May, and will gradually start to neutralize around the first two weeks of June.”, he said.

Vizag, thus, is expected to be extremely sultry. This excessive heat is a result of the El Nino effect, which he explained, is “a phenomenon that takes away all the moisture from the Indian Ocean region and deposits it in the Pacific Ocean. When all the moisture is taken away from our air, the temperature naturally rises.”

El Nino has a direct impact on the weather patterns prevalent over the Indian peninsula, as it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

For every 100-year cycle, there are 20-25 years of El Nino. In fact, the last year, 2023, was recorded to experience one of the five strongest El Ninos to date, as revealed by the World Meteorological Organisation. It was also stated that its impact would continue to persist in 2024.

While Vizag can expect to bear the brunt of this happening, the city’s coast-adjacent placement may yield some relief, said Sai Praneeth. The sea breezes, which are a result of differential heating, may influence the temperatures to be milder. Differential heating refers to a phenomenon where the land and ocean experience the sun’s heat in alternate ways. While the ocean water tends to absorb heat, the sun’s rays do not penetrate deep into the ground and are confined to the top few inches. The heat is radiated back into the atmosphere, warming the air, and weakening pressure. The natural tendency of air is to flow from high-pressure to low-pressure areas, and so, the sea breezes drift onto the land and cool it.

Finally, one must be as cautious as possible in the excessive heat, reminded Sai Praneeth. “Take enough fluids. The loss of fluids can lead to dehydration. Seasonal fruits and fruit juices like watermelon and mango should be consumed. Younger children and older groups should take the most precautions, compared to middle-aged people.”, he advised. In light of this report on the upcoming weather that Vizag can expect in the summer of 2024, we urge everyone to heed warnings and take care of themselves!

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