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Andhra Pradesh doctor appeals Indian gov to rescue his pet jaguar and panther stuck in Ukraine

An orthopaedic doctor from Andhra Pradesh has appealed to the Indian Government to help him rescue his pet jaguar and panther from Ukraine. The doctor, who was based there when the war broke out with Russia, was forced to leave behind his pets and flee the conflict zone.

Famously called Jaguar Kumar, Dr Gidikumar Patil (42) says rescuing his pets is of utmost priority. The doctor, who is based out of the Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, was forced to leave behind a rare male leopard- Jaguar hybrid named Yasha, and a black female panther, Sabrina, with a local farmer when he left Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine.

After receiving no help from the Indian embassy in Kyiv, Patil has now reached out to the Indian Government, as he believes this will help him through his conundrum. Patil, who is currently in refuge in Poland’s Warsaw, has requested that to immediately consider and take rapid action with the best possible solution keeping in mind the exact location and safety of his pets.

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Patil, a citizen of Ukraine, was employed by the now-bombed hospital in Svavtove in Severodonetsk when the crisis between Russia and Ukraine began in February of this year.  Around two years ago, he bought his two unusual pets from a zoo in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and has been loyal to them ever since.

Over the past few months, Patil has been streaming updates of his curious life with the big cats as pets through his YouTube channel, which currently has over 62,000 subscribers. He claims that his dream project is to secure enough funding for a breeding project to help protect endangered species.

Patil stated that he is open to any solution that any friendly nation is prepared to offer for the safety of his pets, whether it is closer to their current home in neighbouring western Ukraine, anywhere in Europe, or even in India. He added that he has exhausted all his savings on feeding and taking care of his pets. The middle-class man has requested help of any kind and says his pets are pinning on him based on the updates he has been receiving from the farmer.

Through his message, Patil has acknowledged that the main idea behind raising these extraordinary cats is to repeatedly breed until they produce the desired hybrid, maybe the first of its type, which would then be raised and transmitted into the wild. The doctor claims his first priority is still the “quick and safe evacuation of my extremely valued cats,” with the other components of his project to be explored in the future, given the “imminent danger” the animals are in in the combat zone.

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