8 underrated comedy web series that you should definitely watch

Comedy is a well-explored genre in the web series world. There are plenty of hilarious sitcoms and web series for you to watch and then rewatch. But since this genre is explored so frequently, some comedies often slip under the radar. And that doesn’t mean that these web series aren’t good. It simply means that we were so busy watching the popular ones that we couldn’t check out some of the underrated comedy web series. But if you’re looking for a change of pace, here are some underrated comedy web series that you should watch.

#1 Santa Clarita Diet

Running for 3 seasons on Netflix, this is one of the best comedy series to have come on the platform of late. It follows the story of a married couple whose life turns upside down when the wife turns cannibalistic. It is a hilarious comedy web series and once you watch it, you will wonder why it’s so underrated and why more people haven’t watched it yet. Despite receiving a positive response, the series had to be cancelled after 3 seasons, which is often the case with Netflix series.

Where to watch – Netflix

#2 Wayne

Yet another web series with a great premise, Wayne is an action comedy that focusses on a grieving teenager. The teenager, to cope with the loss of his father, sets out to retrieve his car that was stolen earlier. The series stars Mark Mckenna and Ciara Bravo in the lead and is another series that wasn’t renewed for a second season simply because it didn’t become popular.

Where to watch – YouTube Premium

#3 Ash vs Evil Dead

If you loved the Evil Dead movies, then you are bound to love this web series that continues in the same vein. It stars Bruce Campbell in the highly popular role Ash Williams, along with Lucy Lawless. It focusses on the protagonist’s middle age when he has left that old life behind and now, he is looking for normalcy. But then, the Evil Dead make return. This New Zealand web series has 3 seasons for you to check out.

Where to watch – Netflix

#4 Derry Girls

This English web series constructs a horrifying world full of war and fighting but then installs these teenagers in between who are still going on about their normal lives. They are going to school, falling in love, arguing with cousins and all those normal teenage things that we do. That is why this dark comedy is so intriguing to watch. And that is why one must wonder where it failed to be more popular. A third season of the series is expected soon.

Where to watch – Netflix

#5 Living With Yourself

This is something that we have been asking for a long time, haven’t we? Two Paul Rudds! And one is better than the other. Although the concept of a man being replaced by his better version is not something new, this web series should be watched by all for Paul Rudd’s hilariously amazing performance.

Where to watch – Netflix

#6 Breeders

If you’re young working parents, then this web series is for you. It stars and has been created by Martin Freeman of Sherlock and The Office fame who portrays a simple man trying to strike the work-life balance. It deals with some serious and relevant topics while maintaining the humour quotient. The series is based on Freeman’s own parenting experience and is expected to have a third season soon.

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar

#7 Dave

A semi-autobiographical web series, Dave is about an aspiring rapper with a neurotic personality who has some great expletive-ridden lyrics but all so meaningful. In its two seasons so far, Dave has not only made us laugh so much but has also introduced us to the struggles of becoming a rapper. You can call it a quirkier version of 8 Mile.

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar

#8 Great News

For all those people who have had their parents teach in the school they went to, here’s a relatably funny comedy series. Great News is about a news reporter who suddenly learns that her mother is going to intern at the company she is working. This leads to some consequences, funny for us, embarrassing for the protagonist.

Where to watch – Netflix

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