6 unique places in India that are sure to blow your mind at every step

India’s diversity is way too vast to ever finish exploring. This country is endowed with several visually striking locations, including the mighty Himalayas, beaches, islands, and more. While one must have covered some of the most popular tourist spots, there are few places that stand out from the rest. We compiled a list of unique places in India, you could visit on your next holiday.

Here are 6 unique places in India you must consider visiting this year.

Chandipur Beach

If you think this is just another beach, then you might be wrong. The water at this beach recedes around 5 km to 7 km, twice a day and reappears again during the day. When this strange phenomenon occurs, one can walk on the sea bed, and explore the biodiversity, hidden within the golden sands. One can spot Ghost Red Crabs, Mollusc Species, and Gastropods. The disappearance and appearance of the water is something that people, cannot seem to wrap around their heads.

Location: 16 km from Balasore, Odisha

Best time to visit: October to March

Living Roots Bridge

We’re familiar with concrete bridges, but how about living ones? The Khasi tribe of Meghalaya are known for their ability to make the best use of nature. The bridge is made from the rubber roots of Fiscus Elastica, which can be over 100 ft long, and take about ten to fifteen years to attain the perfect shape. While there are quite a few of these in Meghalaya, the double-decker bridge in Cherrapunji is the most popular one. And a fun fact about these bridges is that they get stronger with time, unlike concrete bridges.

Location: Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Best time to visit: November to March

Lonar Crater

The Lonar Crater or Depression was formed due to a meteorite impact. The Lonar Lake has a diameter of 1.2 km and is about 137 metres below the crater rim. The lake is surrounded by a series of hills, and the water has alkaline and saline properties. This is a rare sight that attracts tourists and scientists from all over the world.

Location: 3-hour drive from Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Best time to visit: November to January

Reverse Waterfall

If one is in Naneghat then, you cannot miss this wondrous sight. The Reverse Waterfall at the end of the trek on this mountain range is surely rewarding. This cascading waterfall gives a perception of flowing upwards due to the strong winds.  This unique sight has made it a popular spot among travellers. If one wants to see the waterfall in its full glory, it’s best to visit during the monsoon season.

Location: Naneghat Road, Taluka, Junnar, Maharashtra

Best time to visit: June to September

Magnetic Hill

Ever seen a car go uphill even with the engine off? This Magnetic Hill is one of the most unique locations in India. While the road appears as if it’s going uphill, it is in fact downhill. This phenomenon is just an optical illusion but is one of the most surreal things one can experience in India. This location also serves as a photographer’s haven.

Location: 30 km from Leh, Leh-Kargil-Srinagar National Highway in the Trans-Himalayan region, Ladakh

Best time to visit: May to October


Apart from its picturesque landscape, Kodinhi is known more for its people. This village in Kerala has at least 400 pairs of twins, and researchers nationally, and internationally, have been wracking their brains to figure out the reason behind this. The number of twins keeps increasing with each passing year. Apart from this, be sure to explore the beauty of this village!

Location: Malappuram District, Kerala

Best time to visit: October to March

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