6 coldest places in India to visit this winter for a chilly vacation

A shift takes place as winter descends upon the Indian subcontinent, luring visitors to discover the dreamlike splendour of the nation’s most frigid areas. India, with its varied temperatures, presents a special chance for travellers looking for a cool retreat from the hot summer months and busy cities. From the snow-capped summits of the Himalayas to the stunning scenery of northern India, the coldest places in India turn into a winter wonderland, making them a must-visit.

Here are the 6 coldest places in India that you can visit this winter.

Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

The word ‘Munsiyari’ means ‘place with snow’ in the local vernacular. Situated on the banks of the Goriganga River, it is a rapidly expanding tourism attraction that serves as a hub or base camp for mountaineers, glacier aficionados, high-altitude trekkers, and nature lovers. Munsiyari is located at the start of the Johar Valley, which stretches along the Gori Ganga River’s path to the glacier Milam’s source. It is also on the historic salt route that originated in Tibet. With year-round beautiful weather, the summer months provide travellers with excellent opportunities for picture-perfect, unobstructed peak views and a wide range of hiking routes. The entire area is blanketed in a layer of snow during the winter, which runs from November to mid-March, making it the perfect destination for newlyweds.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

For those seeking seclusion in the bliss of nature, Spiti is a heavenly entrance, nestled under an enticing covering of earthly grandeur. Every year, millions of tourists are drawn to Lahaul, Spiti, by its enchanting beauty and pure atmosphere. Ladakh abuts Spiti on its northern side. Enjoy thrilling adventures here, such as hiking, rappelling, and camping. People steer clear of Spiti during the incredibly chilly winter months since it’s an absolute nightmare to explore this wonderland.

Sonamarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Sonamarg, which translates to “meadow of gold,” is surrounded by snow-capped mountains against a clear blue sky. Here, the Sindh meanders, and teeming with mahseer and trout, the main river holds snow trout. When Sonamarg opens to road traffic in late April, visitors may enjoy the snow, which is spread out like a white carpet. The Jammu and Kashmir tourism agency hosts annual river rafting competitions at Sonamarg, in which international teams have lately competed.

Rohtang Pass, Manali

The Persian/Farsi words Ruh and Tang, which translates to “pile of dead bodies,” are the source of the name Rohtang. Glaciers, summits, the Chandra River, and Lahaul Valley can all be seen magnificently from the pass. Additionally visible from Rohtang are the twin peaks of Geypan. Situated on the watershed that separates the Chenab and Beas river water basins, lies the pass. From May to November, the pass is available. By Himalayan standards, it is not especially high or challenging to cross on foot, but because of its erratic snowstorms and blizzards, it has earned a reputation for being deadly. A historic trade route connects the populations on both sides of Pir Panjal through this pass.

Sela Pass, Tawang

Se-La, which means “high altitude mountain pass” in Arunachal Pradesh, is a stunning location and a must-see site. In Sela Pass, no doubt, this well-liked tourist destination is rarely overrun with cuddly snow enthusiasts; you can see a pool of clouds hiding the spaces between the mountains. Its snow-capped mountains and glistening pine trees dusted in sprinkler flakes will inspire you to continue travelling around Mother Nature’s most magnificent locales. Sela Lake is a well-liked tourist site where you can see the magnificent view of the mountains covered in winter. While travelling to the pass, you can also experience the well-known Silk Road.

Lachen and Thangu Valley, North Sikkim

Thangu Valley is known for its tranquillity and beautiful beauty. Owing to its elevated location at around 3962 meters above sea level, it is nearly perpetually blanketed in snow. The valley is home to wooden cottages and alpine meadows that are bordered by the River Teesta’s glistening water, creating a breathtaking scene. This valley is traversed by the Chopta, Thangu, and Lassur rivers in addition to the Teesta River. Not only can you enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Thangu Valley, but you can also prepare for quick hikes there. There is a location in Thangu where hikers can ascend. From Thangu, one can trek to locations such as Chopta Valley, Green Lake, or Muguthang.

Let us know which of these coldest places in India you plan to visit for a winter getaway. Stay tuned to the Yo! Vizag website and Instagram for more travel updates.

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