6 charming book cafes from other cities we wish we had in Vizag

Enjoying some quiet time in the company of books and coffee sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Book cafes are such unique places that let one enjoy both of these captivating activities at the same time. Some big cities in India possess these recreational places, that Vizag and its book lovers would love to have in the city. Not only are they a literary fanatic’s delight, but they are also a joy to foodies. We compiled a list of some such book cafes we wish we had and Vizag.

Here is the list of book cafes we wish we had in Vizag.

Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe- Pune

A book lover’s delight and a coffeeholic’s joy, Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe is a euphoria to both! One can enjoy the best of both worlds at this wholesome cafe. Their menu is renowned for burgers, while the bookstore is famed for having a collection of the latest books. The mixed hangout spot also hosts several book events, poetry readings, open mic nights, singing gigs, and writing workshops. Adrak Wali Chai, Bun Maskas, Toast Butter, Vietnamese Coffee, Hot  Maggi, and warm coffee are their best-selling options.

Kitab Khana- Mumbai

With an aim to enhance the knack of reading among people, Kitab Khana has a well-curated book collection, which can be accompanied by a warm cup of coffee. In addition to English language books, one can find books in regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Urdu and much more. The bookstore is created in a 150-year-old building, giving the ambience a rustic touch.

Cha Bar- New Delhi

Sipping a warm beverage while reading literary classics sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?  Then Cha Bar is the right place to go! While their food menu is packed with appetizing delicacies and beverages, their book collection is no less in comparison. Cardamom Chai, Spiced Mint Chutney & Cottage Cheese Sandwich, Passion Fruit Ice Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Bun Tikki, and Smoked Chicken Pasta are on their list of must-haves.

The Bibliophilia Cafe- Guwahati

The unique concept, cosy ambience, and range of books make this place an absolute heaven to bibliophiles. The cafe is also an enthusiast of poetry, photography, music, and art. It is recommended to have a taste of their TBC Special Maggi Bowl, Chilli Paneer, Chilli Chicken, TBC Special Chicken Burger, and TBC Special Omelette for the best experience.

Coffee Cup- Hyderabad

Bookworms and foodies are up for a treat at the Coffee Cup. Specializing in continental, Italian, and other cuisines, Creamy Spinach Pasta, Chicken Penne Pasta, Japanese Katsu Curry, Fish And Chips, and Aglio E Oilo & Vegetables are their best-selling options. Their bookshelves are embellished with interesting books in a wide range of genres. The cafe walls are decorated with art pieces inspired by superhero comics.

Literati Bookshop and Cafe- Goa

Literati Bookshop and Cafe is also among the book cafes we wish we had in Vizag. Treat yourself to the finest of food and literature at the Literati Bookshop and Cafe. The Portuguese bungalow turned cafe boasts a vintage ambience and elegant aesthetics, making the reading experience a comfortable one. So grab a refreshing beverage from their menu and peacefully enjoy an impressive piece of literature. One can also purchase books from the store.

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