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5 food outlets from Bengaluru we wish we had in Vizag

Not only famous for its IT hub, but Bengaluru is also home to the best culinary food outlets. The Silicon Valley of India offers multiple national and international cuisines and that is one of the most attractive points of the city. Though Vizag has also welcomed a myriad of cuisines in the recent past, here are a few food outlets from Bengaluru we wished we had in Vizag.

Here is a list of 6 food outlets from Bengaluru we wish we had in Vizag

#1 Leon Grill


The fast-food chain that has now become a rage in Bengaluru is definitely what we would love to have in Vizag. Their range of crispy burgers are a stiff completion to KFC and McD. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, their falafel wraps are mouthwatering.

#2 Corner House

An ice-cream store that is more so considered an emotion in Bengaluru, is the most loved among the locals. The founders too share a strong bond with the city and sadly do not wish to branch out to other places. From their Death By Chocolate to Thick shakes, every dish is a must-try. We hope they soon change their mind and see an outlet in Vizag soon!

#3 Glens Bake House

This bakery cum food chain based in Bengaluru is best known for its red velvet cupcakes. They offer the best mini cupcakes in town which are sure to melt in your mouth. This bakehouse also offers Woodford pizzas and also the best coffee in town. We are sure Vizag will fall in love with their food1

#4 Truffles

Oh, their burgers! Mouth-watering! Truffles introduced a completely different style of burgers to the start-up hub. And there is not a single soul who hasn’t loved it! This Bengaluru-based food outlet has a huge menu of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They are well known for the homemade mayonnaise they serve with every dish. You are sure to gulp that bottle down. We are sure Vizagites would love this continental food joint to open in Vizag soon.

#5 Brahmins Cafe

Not just the Brahmins cafe, we wish all the Darshini’s of Bengaluru start-up their branches in Vizag. There is no match for their crisp dosas! We might not like the sambar, wait we will surely drink their chutney! And no introduction is needed for their filter coffee!

Let us know in the comments below, which of these Bengaluru-based restaurants you would wish to see in Vizag

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