5 Documentaries That Will Keep You Thinking Post-Credits

Looking to watch documentaries that will leave you surprise you, take you aback, and make you examine your thoughts? Not to worry, these five films delve into the depths of human experience, revealing shocking truths, and captivating stories that will have you hooked. From separated triplets to deeply personal revelations, each documentary in this list will take you on a journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Three Identical Strangers

In the bustling streets of 1980s New York, three young men stumble upon a revelation that changes their lives forever. Separated at birth and raised by different families, their reunion uncovers a sinister experiment shrouded in mystery. Directed by Tim Wardle, this gripping documentary unravels the astonishing tale of Edward Galland, David Kellman, and Robert Shafran, revealing the shocking truth behind their separation and the secrets hidden in their past.

Available on: Zee5

The Great Hack

Enter the world of social media’s dark underbelly with “The Great Hack.” Investigating the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal, this documentary exposes the manipulative power of data and its impact on global politics. Through the eyes of journalist Carole Cadwalladr and others, viewers witness the alarming extent of online surveillance and its implications for democracy.

Available on: Netflix

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster with “Dear Zachary”. Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne’s heart-wrenching tribute to his murdered friend takes viewers on a journey of grief, resilience, and love. As the story unfolds, we’re confronted with the devastating consequences of one woman’s actions and the enduring legacy of a life cut short.

Available on: YouTube

Man on Wire

Step into the shoes of Philippe Petit, the daring tightrope walker who captivated the world with his audacious stunt between the Twin Towers. Directed by James Marsh, “Man on Wire” chronicles Petit’s breathtaking feat with a mix of suspense and humor. Through interviews and reenactments, the documentary captures the sheer exhilaration of defying the odds and reaching for the sky.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube

Tell Me Who I Am

Explore the bond between twin brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis in “Tell Me Who I Am”. After losing his memory in an accident, Alex relies on Marcus to reconstruct his past, only to uncover a dark secret lurking beneath the surface. Directed by Ed Perkins, this poignant documentary delves into themes of trauma, identity, and the enduring power of brotherhood.

Available on: Netflix

From the extraordinary to the deeply personal, these documentaries will surely be interesting to watch, offering a glimpse into the complexities of the human experience. Whether it is through unraveling shocking secrets or celebrating acts of courage, these films challenge perceptions and ignite conversations long after the credits roll, leaving a mark on the viewers. Prepare to be taken aback, moved, and forever changed by these remarkable stories captured on screen.

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