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5 classic foods that hostellers in Vizag love to have

A student’s hostel life is full of great memories and crazy adventures. It is in a hostel where one usually gets the first taste of independence. If there is any downside to living in a hostel, it is the mess food, which is, in most cases, below-par. Hence, hostellers in Vizag often skip eating food at the mess and go out with their friends for a treat. While the main objective is to capture the flavour of Vizag, they need to keep an eye on their expenses as well. Here are 5 classic foods that hostellers love to have in Vizag:

#1 Maggi

Maggi should be declared as the official food of hostels. It is not only made by students at their hostels but also eaten outside at roadside stalls. It is budget-friendly and enough to fill your bellies. On days when your hostel food bores you, it comes in handy to have some Maggi packets. 

#2 Kebabs

Wherever you go in Vizag, you can find roadside vendors serving piping-hot kebabs (also known as sizzlers). For hostellers, seeking a quick snack on their outing, these kebabs are ideal. They perfectly capture the flavour of Vizag while satiating our taste buds. That is why they are one of the favourite foods of people in Vizag, including hostellers.

#3 Punugulu, Muri Mixture

Vizag doesn’t lack in its street food

culture. It’s evident by the many street food stalls you can find at places, like Tenneti Park and RK Beach, in the city. Having Punugulu near the LIC Building or Muri Mixture at RK Beach is the ideal evening snack for hostellers before going back to a dull dinner.

#4 Sandwiches

On certain days when hostellers are in the mood to spend a little extra and truly treat themselves, they visit a nearby bakery and munch on some delicious sandwiches. Unlike other kinds of lunch foods which might prove to be a little harsh on your pockets, sandwiches can be eaten cheaply in Vizag (you can get a delicious veg sandwich for just Rs. 40). Otherwise there’s always the tried-and-tested combination of bread, butter and jam.

#5 Fried Rice

While Chinese food is big in Vizag, a popular one is fried rice. Going out with a friend for a meal, ordering a plate of fried rice usually suffices for the both of you. With a number of veg and non-veg options to choose from, fried rice is one of the favourite foods of Vizag hostellers. 

Asking all hostellers in Vizag, what other food do you love to have in the city?

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