18 latest South Indian movies on OTT you need to catch up on

Movies are an emotion that anyone will connect to disregarding the language barrier. In a land known for its art, good movies were always praised for their way of bringing forward stories to the audiences. If you are one to enjoy films of any language, and genre, and searching for some weekend movie suggestions, you are in the right place. Home to countless must-watch and the latest South Indian movies, these OTT platforms should be the right choice for a weekend binge with your mates.

Here are the latest South Indian movies on OTT platforms you must watch over this weekend.


Directed by Nelson Dilikumar, Jailer is a recent blockbuster action flick starring Superstar Rajnikanth in the titular role. Muthuvel Pandian, a retired police officer, seeks justice when his son, ACP Arjun, goes missing while investigating a ruthless gangster, Varman. Muthuvel’s quest for vengeance leads him to uncover his dark past as “Tiger” Muthuvel Pandian, a former jailer. He orchestrates a heist to retrieve a valuable crown, ultimately defeating Varman and his corrupt gang.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Bedurulanka 2012

This movie is set in Bendrulanka in the year 2012 and the plotline delves into the dilemmas of individuals during the paranoia about the end of the world in December 2012. The film explores the theme of the morality of people amidst the greedy ones who are ready with their paraphernalia to exploit the fear of people. This Telugu comedy film is directed by Clax and stars Karthikeya Gummakonda, Neha Shetty, Ajay Ghosh, Srikanth Iyengar, and LB Sriram in lead roles.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Nene Naa

Directed by Caarthick Raju, Nene Naa stars Regina Cassandra, Akshara Gowda, Vennela Kishore, and Jayaprakash in crucial roles. The mystery thriller is set in two periods, the present and 1920. In the present day, an archaeologist unearths a mystical relic that leads to mysterious events.

OTT platform: Aha


Dinosaurs is a Tamil action crime drama written and directed by MR Madhavan and stars Udhay Karthik, Rishi Rithvik, Saipriya Deva, and Maara in the lead roles. Mannu, a fearless youngster, locks horns with a notorious gangster, Salaiyar. The protagonist seeks revenge for an outrageous crime the gangster commits.

OTT platform: Aha


Mayapetika, directed by Ramesh Raparthi and featuring Viraj Ashwin, Simrat Kaur, and Payal Rajput, is a captivating blend of comedy and drama. The film follows the fascinating journey of a mobile phone as it passes through different hands, unveiling how it influences and transforms the lives of its owners, for both the good and the bad.

OTT platform: Aha

Her Chapter 1

Her Chapter 1 is a Telugu crime thriller starring Ruhani Sharma as a stringent cop who joins the force after a six-month suspension. The movie revolves around a series of brutal murders that put the police force on its toes. How the lady in the lead traces the criminal forms the crux. Pradeep Rudra, Jeevan Kumar, Sanjay Swarup, Ravi Varma, Ravi Prakash, and others play the supporting roles. Sreedhar Swaraghav directed this film.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Digital Village

Directed by Fahad Nandu and Ulsav Rajeev, Digital Village is a Malayalam drama starring Hrishikesh, K Indira, MC Mohanan, Suresh Babu Kannom, and others. The plot follows three friends who aim to enhance the digital knowledge of the residents in their village. However, their attempts are hurdled by the villagers’ stubbornness to stick to the traditional lifestyle.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video


Directed by Vasanthabalan, Aneethi is a Tamil romantic action drama starring Arjun Das and Dushara Vijayan in the lead roles. The plot follows a food delivery agent who falls in love with a housekeeper. But his fairytale love story takes an unexpected turn when the two get involved in the murder of an elderly woman.

OTT platform: Aha


Love is a Tamil psychological thriller film, directed by Khalid Rahman. The movie revolves around Deepthi’s discovery of her pregnancy, triggering a series of disturbing events in her troubled relationship with her husband, Anoop. As tensions rise, Anoop’s suicide attempt and unexpected visits from friends, who are revealed to be his alter egos, intensify the psychological drama. The film stars Shine Tom Chacko and Rajisha Vijayan.

OTT platform: Aha

Namo Bhoothathma 2

Directed by V Murali, Namo Bhoothathma 2 is a Kannada horror comedy film starring Komal, Lekha Cnadhra, Govinde Gowda, and others in key roles. The plot follows Arjun and his friends who work at a TV channel. With a plan to raise the TRP ratings, they prank and goon, who chase them in humiliation. When the protagonist and his friends take shelter at a haunted house, eerie events unfold.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

DD Returns

The Tamil-language comedy horror film DD Returns was written and directed by S Prem Anand. Lead roles are portrayed by Santhanam and Surbhi, supported by Redin Kingsley, Maran, and Pradeep Rawat. Serving as a stand-alone sequel to ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’ and the third instalment of the series, the movie follows the protagonist and friends as they stash money in a haunted bungalow. Retrieving it later, they’re ensnared by a ghost in a chilling survival game.

OTT platform: Zee5

Narayana & Co

Narayana & Co is a Telugu comedy-drama featuring Sudhakar Komakula, Amazni, Devi Prasad, Pooja Kiran, and others. The plot follows a financially distressed middle-class family that struggles to overcome its problem. The family members agree to an illegal deal to earn money. How they discover the true meaning of family through a series of comical events forms the crux.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video


Ustaad stars Sri Simha Koduri and Kavya Kalyanram in the lead roles and was directed by Phanideep. The plot follows Surya, an aimless hot-headed youth whose only love is Ustaad, a retro-style bike. After a series of failures, a hopeless Surya turns to flying for refuge. How he charts the sky by winning over his temper issues forms the crux.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Black n White

Starring Karthick Raj and Arthika in the lead, with Shravnitha, Manimozhian Ramadurai, and Richard in supporting roles, the film is written and directed by S Dheekshi. Centered around siblings Rishi and Ritu, the story unfolds amidst the pandemic. Tragedy strikes as they lose their parents to COVID-19 and their home due to debt. Despite sincere efforts, their struggle to reclaim their home forms the heart of the narrative.

OTT platform: Zee5

Pizza 3: The Mummy

Starring Ashwin Kakumanu and Pavithrah Marimuthu in the lead roles, Pizza 3: The Mummy is a recently released Tamil horror. The plot follows a food delivery agent, who probes a series of murders at one of his frequent delivery spots. Mohan Govind directed this film.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

1001 Nunakal

Aayirathonnu Nunakal or 1001 Nunakal is a Malayalam drama starring Remya Suresh, Vidhya Vijaykumar, Zhinza Shan, and others in crucial roles. The plot is centred around the reunion of old friends. The smooth flow of things accompanied by good food and light-hearted talk takes a turn when one of them proposes a game in which each of them has to reveal a secret they kept from their partners. Thamar KV directed this critically acclaimed film.

OTT platform: SonyLIV

Clue: A Love Thriller

Clue: A Love Thriller is a Telugu crime thriller featuring Aishwarya Bhaskaran and Vijay Kumar in leading roles. A man goes to the police station to complain about his wife’s disappearance and claims that three men kidnapped her. But the cops receive a shock on their investigation when they find the three kidnappers killed.

OTT platform: Aha


Kolai is a Tamil suspense thriller starring Vijay Antony, Ritika Singh, Radhika Sarathkumar, Meenakshi Chaudhary, and others in plot-defining roles. The plot begins with the murder of a famous model which brings a smart detective into the scene. How he unravels the murder mystery forms the crux. Balaji K Kumar directed this film.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Let us know which one of these latest South Indian movies on OTT you are watching first. Stay tuned to Yo! Vizag website and Instagram for more city news updates.

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