10 Pocket friendly and fun ways to enjoy in Visakhapatnam for all

Who said enjoyment costs you dearly? Visakhapatnam is a wonderful place to enjoy on a budget. We give you ten things so amazing that cost under Rs.100. Collect all those friends complaining of a crunch and hop on. There may be some more ideas of course and we would love to know. Let’s get started with budget friendly ways to enjoy and have loads of fun right here in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Coffee date 

Some of the best things happen over a coffee. Come on, you can have a cookie or a puff too. Head to cafes in town whose prices will not kill you. Best part you don’t have to compromise on the standards too. Sit back with a book or friends and enjoy. Relax solo and watch the crowds around. Don’t hurry.

Where? Pastries, Coffee & Conversation, Siripuram. A latte would cost Rs.50 and a super tasty egg puff Rs.30.

Where? Yallops, Siripuram. A coffee would cost Rs.60 and a veg puff Rs.25.

#2 Street food indulgence 

A heaven for street food lovers, Vizag’s street food is a definite choice among ten things. Punukullu, Muri-mixture, Corn, Noodles etc. The list is endless and so are the destinations. Go on. Bon Appetit. Don’t stop at one and you will still be left with some money to spare.

Where? Yummy Punukullus at MVP Colony near APS. Mirapakya Bajji at Krishna Chaitanya Matha junction.

Where? Muri-mixture, bhuttas, chats, pani puri etc at Beach Road. Cost approximately Rs.20-Rs.70.

#3 Watch a movie

There is no written rule about enjoying a movie at a multiplex only. In Visakhapatnam you can enjoy the latest block busters and more for under Rs.100.

Where? Jagadamba Movie hall. Ticket price – Rs.70. Popcorn – Rs. 20.

#4 Bargains

Bargaining at local markets is not always a fight. It’s enjoyable too. Hit the street side markets in and around Jagadamba and you never know what treasures you may find. A very good suggestion is the second hand book store in that area. Light hearted reads to books no more in print. You never know what turns up.

#5 South Indian food indulgence

Tummy filling, satisfying and yummy, South Indian food fare will not burn hole in your pocket. Idlis, dosas, meals etc everything is so reasonably priced. Head out for a lunch or tiffins at any time.

Where? Venkatadri Vantilu. Idlis and Vadas at Rs.20. Ghee Karam Dosa at Rs.50.

Where? Sai Ram Parlor. Two can eat comfortably in Rs.100.

#6 Museum trip

It always happens to the best travelers among us. We visit museums in other cities. We do not visit the museum in our own Vizag. We have the Visakha museum, Telugu museum and the submarine and aircraft museum in Visakhapatnam. Take a trip to enjoy and discover more about your own city.

Visakha Museum entry fee -Rs.10. Telugu Heritage Museum entry fee – Rs.20. Submarine museum entry fee – Rs.30

#7 Walk-athon around town

Ditch your car or bike and take on the city on foot. Trip as a group or go solo. Take some munchies and a bottle of water and set off. Take a map if you are travelling into the parts of the city less frequented. Discover the local shops and food joints. Meet with people id different parts of your own city. Pit stop at Irani Cafes or Bandis for grub. Chose a good weather day and you are set.

#8 Visit the zoo 

If you have kids take them along and if you are solo then your camera. Make fun memories and don’t think it is for kids only. There is no age to enjoy nature. Snack on the way at under Rs.50 and pay just Rs.10 for entry for adults. Kids enter at Rs.5. Spend an idyllic, lovely day.

#9 Game on @AU

Some may know this and others may not. Andhra University has courts where you can go and play with your friends. Basket ball, Volley ball, Badminton courts are all there and you can play for free. If you want to do something sporty then head here. Game, set, match with your friends.

#10 Share with the needy

So many choices for enjoyment but think about those who can not. Have your coffee but share your food with some one who is hungry. The homeless people near the station or on the beach and else where in town. They could use a little help. Think about water, food, linen, umbrella, chappals etc. You can add a little of your Rs.100 or be generous wit the entire amount. For some one it would mean a lot.

Now that the choices are done, make plans. August has long weekends and there will be time to do so much. Let penny pinching not stop you. Chose your favorite out of these ten things.

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