10 nail-biting horror movies to watch on an OTT platform in India

The pandemic has again confined us to the walls of our homes. With not many things to do, it’s again time to have a binge-watch period. If you are looking forward to watching something exciting, then what’s better than some horror. The genre elicits the audience with an impending feeling of fear and danger. Filmmakers, through the use of unnatural themes and innate objects, project some terrifying stories. For all horror movie enthusiasts, we curated a list of nail-biting horror movies that they can watch on an OTT platform in India and have a popcorn-spilling weekend.

#1 Bulbbul – Hindi

Clean Slate Filmz’ digital OTT production Bulbbul narrates a fairy tale. But unlike other fairies, this one is scary. She haunts men who oppress women. The great production design and cinematography take the viewers back to the British era. Amit Trivedi’s soulful background score gives the movie an overall eerie nature.

Where To Watch- Netflix

#2 Pisachi – Telugu

Pisachi is the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil horror movie Pisaasu. In this thriller, a woman loses her life in an accident. Her soul continues to haunt the man who tries to save her. The movie has some hilariously realistic scenes.

Where To Watch- Disney+ Hotstar

#3 Pari – Hindi

Anushka Sharma’s Pari has a sub-title, not a fairy tale. Anushka plays the role of a fictional character of a chudail who has superpowers. A group of men is after her to end her species. The pace, the premise and the cinematography set a horrific atmosphere for the viewers. The movie went underappreciated in the theatres.

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

#4 Split – English

Directed by M Night Shyamalan, Split is a psychological horror film. It stars X-Men famed James McAvoy and Ana Taylor-Joy in the lead roles. The movie narrates a story of a man with a dissociative identity disorder. He kidnaps three girls which leads to the horrific incidents that form the premise of the movie. It is one of the best horror movies you can catch on an OTT platform in India.

Where To Watch- Netflix

#5 Hereditary – English

Written and directed by Ari Aster, the 2018 movie Hereditary is a horror drama. The movie is based on a family which has inherited something abnormal, a curse. Hereditary is one of the highest-rated horror movies and can be watched on the OTT platform Netflix in India.

Where to watch-


#6 Insidious – English

The 4 chapters long Insidious follows a journey of a woman who can contact the dead. The movie follows the peripheral use of ghosts to create the room for horror. All four parts stay true to one and only theme- unnatural beings existing in the dark world.

Where to watch- Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix

#7 Demonte Colony – Telugu

Demonte Colony is a Tamil language thriller horror movie. It focuses on the story of a bunch of roommates who visit a dilapidated, haunted villa. The villa has a history, it buries within itself a deep dark secret. What happens when these roommates get a hold of the secret? Loosely based on a real location, this movie is sure to give you chills. It has numerous terrifying scenes that will haunt you in your nightmares.

Where To Watch- Sony Liv, YouTube

#8 Train To Busan – Korean

This South Korean zombie apocalypse movie is something that should not be missed out on. The movie premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It showcases the beautiful relationship between a father and his son. How the father can jump to any heights to save his son.

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

#9 Orphan – English

Orphan is a story about a happy family which adopts a girl. Things are pretty good in the beginning. The family is now complete. But not all is well in paradise. Something suspicious starts to happen with the family. When investigated, the mother comes across a bizarre secret. Would she be able to save her family?

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

#10 Tumbbad – Hindi

One of the most underrated Bollywood horror movies is Tumbaad. Although it wasn’t acknowledged in the theaters, it was widely appreciated by critics and is available for streaming on OTT. The movie begins in a village, a cursed village, with bursting rains. This sets the eerie atmosphere for the rest of the story to continue. Featuring some great cinematic scenes, the mythological story showcases the most demanding innate nature of humanity- greed.

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

#11 Us – English

Directed by Jordan Peele, Us is an American horror movie. It showcases the story of a family that is being haunted by their look-alikes. The movie has received some great reviews from critics. The movie is streaming on the OTT platform Netflix.

Where To Watch- Netflix

#12 Don’t Breathe – English

A thief trio plans to rob a blind military veteran. Things turn upside down when the old man isn’t what they were expecting. He may be blind but he has other sharp senses, and hunger to kill. Witness this breathtaking horror movie on OTT platforms in India.

Where To Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

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