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Vizag Smart City, 50 key locations identified by GVMC for installation of smart poles

The Vizag Smart City project is being taken seriously by Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, GVMC. Currently, 50 key locations have been identified for installation of smart poles.

Visakhapatnam is truly on its way of a bonafide smart city and GVMS is working on it at full steam. As part of the Vizag Smart City project, 50 locations across town which have been strategically identified by GVMC will have installation of smart poles. Smart Poles will remove necessity of rigging up multiple poles for multiple functions such as Wi-fi hotspots, weather conditions monitoring, CCTVs, pollution control measures, public broadcast functions etc. In one go, the smart poles will combine the requisite services for the smart city plan. It is also cost effective.

Various telecom operators and interested private players have been invited by GVMC for making use of the smart poles across Vizag. 14 meters is the height of the poles and it lends well for installation of 3G/4G components for small cell operators, radio units etc. Bidding process is to be initiated for operators desirous of taking this up. They can have a survey to see the usability and operational aspect. The smart poles would relay feedback to the the Command and Communications Center that is tasked with overal supervision, control, monitoring and surveillance.

Vizag Smart City will fulfill all the parameters of a modern smart city which has streamlined smart services of CCTV surveillance, appropriate public broadcast functionality, pollution and weather supervision etc. All in all a good move by GVMC for Visakhapatnam.

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