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Travel during COVID pandemic: Reminder to take necessary precautions

Travelling during this Covid pandemic hasn’t been easy. We all have had to cut down our wanderlust and stay within the safety of our homes as much as we can. But the world’s gradually opening up again and we, the frequent travellers, are raring to put our travel plans into motion. In which case, observing travel precautions is necessary.

Given the current scenario, it is still advisable to avoid travelling. However, if there is still a requirement please remember we should not take the virus lightly. We have already seen what the Covid virus is capable of and the situation is not getting any better. Covid cases are rising rapidly and what earlier seemed like a respite, is turning into a reality check.

Here are 7 important, and critical points to keep, in mind if you do choose to during this vicious pandemic.

#1 Wash your hands regularly

Washing your hands was always important and more so during these crucial times. Most of the time, you are unable to keep track of where your hands have been and what all surfaces you have touched. While washing your hands frequently might not be enough, it will surely help reduce the risk of you contracting the virus.
Make it a habit of cleaning your hands regularly. Use a soap that has antibacterial properties. And if a washroom is not accessible, carry a hand sanitiser or a paper soap.

#2 Avoid using your palms much

Maybe, you’re getting a yawn and using your palm to cover it, or you’re holding your phone with your palm. While travelling through public places, the things you touch must have been touched by so many other people who may have the virus. And most people have the habit of touching their face with their palms.

This way, you put yourself at risk of getting the Covid-19 virus. To avoid that from happening, you can start using your elbows, or the back of your hand, to push doors open. You can also use a tissue to pick things up that may have fallen.

#3 Hand sanitisers and PPE kits

If you want to battle Covid like a warrior, then, a PPE kit is the armour you need to wear. Most people wear a face mask and think that’s enough. But in reality, you can never be too careful.

Always have a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitiser on you. Carry a backup set of face masks other than the ones you’re wearing. If need be, wear a PPE kit complete with gloves, mask and overalls to protect your entire body from the Covid-19 virus. Especially, when you’re travelling, it is highly recommended that you wear a PPE kit rather than just a face mask and shield.

#4 Go through local travel advisories

When you’re travelling interstate, or to a different country, you should check the local government’s travel advisory/guidelines. You should thoroughly read the Covid guidelines of the place you’re travelling from as well as the place you’re going to. If a certain state/country has a high percentage of Covid cases, avoid travelling there as much as you can.

More so in these times than the others, it doesn’t hurt to stay informed and prepared. For we know by now how big of a threat this virus is.

#5 Get yourself tested for Covid

Whether respective local authorities require you to or not, it is highly recommended that you get a Covid test done prior to your travel. This is important for your, and your co-passengers,’ safety. There is a wide range of Covid-19 tests that you can opt for, like RT-PCR, Sars-Cov-2, etc. which have varying levels of accuracy in detecting the virus.

It’s even more important to get a Covid-19 test when you feel even one of the symptoms of the virus.

#6 Wear a face mask in a car as well

Sure, you might feel comfortable in your own car. But if you’re not the only person in it, then, it is well recommended that you keep your mask on all the time and insist that the other passengers do too.

Avoid overcrowding the car and limit the number of people. Have your car sanitised regularly and do all you can to keep Covid away from you and your family.

#7 Staying in hotels in a safe way

No matter what kind of hotel you’re staying in, please check whether they are following all Covid-19 safety guidelines or not. One should go ahead and ask for fresh bedsheets, towels, glasses, soaps, shampoos and other amenities. And please do this before you step into your room. Also, make sure that the person setting up your room is wearing a full PPE kit.

This is a difficult time for all and it would be in everyone’s interest to avoid travelling as much as they can. But if you absolutely have to, then, use these guidelines to reduce the risk of the virus reaching you. Let us remind each other that we are living in some extraordinary circumstances and we need to be extra careful in order to cope with this widely spread pandemic.


This post was last modified on 10/04/2021 8:03 pm

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