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A momentous journey from ‘what is there to write about in Vizag’ to ‘a magazine that has its pulse on the happenings in Vizag’… over the years Yo! Vizag has nurtured very special rapport with our readers. A bond based on the common desire to discover Vizag and be informed about what is happening in the city.

Since 2007, in our quest for interesting stories to satiate the thirst of our readers, we have ourselves learnt a lot about our city and its fascinating denizens. And with every issue we realise that there is still so much more to be discovered; a never-ending quest, a never diminishing fascination. Yo! Vizag is today a popular city-infotainment monthly that covers a plethora of topics – be it real estate, beauty, lifestyle, the city’s charming history, happenings, travel, health, new ventures and more.

Yo! Vizag the city’s most preferred publication.

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