Rare phenomena in India that will leave you with a million questions

Nature hosts several unique and beautiful places that are hard to fathom. However, the wonders of nature are not bound to such places. There are also countless phenomena in nature that can also leave us amazed. Some places among the vast lands of India experience such rare phenomena every once in a while. These range from mass bird suicides to red rainfalls. We have made a list of some such rare phenomena found in India, which are sure to make your jaws drop and leave you with a million questions.

Here is a list of rare phenomena found in India you must witness at least once in your lifetime.

Mass Bird Suicide

Over the past 100 years, flocks of birds fly into Jatinga, in the state of Assam, to their death. Every year from September to November, local birds as well as migratory birds commit suicide by crashing into a building or a tree. The reason behind this event is unknown to scientists. However, the locals believe this is due to a mythical power that blends with the air and drives birds to their death.

Aleya Ghost Lights

This strange phenomenon can be found in the marshes of Sundarbans, West Bengal. These are nothing but flickering balls of glowing light, however, a lot of superstition is accustomed to them. The locals believe that they are the spirits of dead fishermen, who passed away while fishing in the area. People around the world have reported seeing similar ghost lights at night.

Floating Islands

Phumdis are an array of floating islands found on the Loktak Lake, in Manipur. The lake is located  53 km away from Imphal. Phumdis are a collection of floating masses of decomposing organic matter, vegetation, and soil. From an aerial view, these Phumdis look like floating islands. This phenomenon is found only in the exquisite lake of India.

Balancing Rock

Located in the historical town of Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu stands an enormous rock. It is often referred to as Krishna’s butter ball or Vaan Irai Kal. What fascinates people about this rock is that it stands at a 45 degrees angle on a flat plane without any physical support. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was stealing and eating butter in small pieces, during which one piece fell and turned into a rock. Several attempts have been made to move the rock, but all of them went in vain.

Sagara Sangamam Antarvedi

Antervedi Pallipalem of Andhra Pradesh is predominantly famous for Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple. While the temple is a must-visit, another speciality of this place is the point where River Godavari meets the sea. This meeting is known as Sagara Sangamam.

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