Haleem At Its Best In Visakhapatnam

Places To Have Haleem in Visakhapatnam

Ramadan is here and the first thing that flashes into our minds – Haleem – cannot be brushed aside anymore. The creamy delicacy that is made from a mixture of wheat, barley, meat, lentils and spices that are cooked for eight long hours, sometimes uses rice as an ingredient too. This delicacy is a high calorie dish loaded with protein coming in from the meat and fibre, and carbohydrates coming in from the various combinations of pulses and grains.


Despite finding it year-long at some tiny establishments in the city, the experience of having Haleem during Ramzan is on a whole new level. This once-a-year, much awaited spicy and nutritious dish is a treat for all non-vegetarians during Ramzan, regardless of the community they belong to. While the Haleem in Visakhapatnam might not provide you with the beauty of having a plate of it standing next to Charminar, it still does its job of satisfying your cravings.

Here are some pop-up Haleem joints in Vizag where you can pamper your taste buds with Haleem:


Bushara Haleem Point

Located near Hotel Alkapuri, this three-year old joint runs business from 5 PM. They provide Chicken Haleem for Rs 80 and parcel service on the same for Rs 100. The Mutton Haleem sells for Rs 120 and parcel for Rs 150. They also have delicious Faluda Ice Cream and Kaddu ki Kheer on their list for Rs 60.

Why go: Mutton Haleem topped with fried onions, what else does one want?


Lazeez Pista Haleem Point

This place that has been here for the last five years provides us with a variety of delights. Be it Chicken Haleem, Mutton Haleem, Tandoori Giant, Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Qurbani ka Meetha or Double ka Meetha, this place has it all. This Haleem joint had offered complementary Mango Rabdi on their opening day, so check out if you can order it now and have a taste of that yummy dessert. Located at Suryabagh, Dabagardens, this place will be open till the end of June. So hurry up and visit this place soon if you are in a search of authentic Hyderabadi delights.

Why go: The Qurbani ka Meetha that is to-die-for.


Hyderabadi Haleem

Sheik Zuber – the Haleem master – has been running this joint for eight long years. While they started off only with Chicken Haleem, the response they had gotten made them start selling Mutton Haleem too. They even began selling Fish Haleem in 2015 despite the difficulty of the making procedure.


Apart from these, they even have Paya and Nihari, Sheermal Roti and Kaddu ki Kheer. Their last bowl sells out before 08:30 PM, so make sure you go on time. They start selling at 4 pm and the rates are crazy reasonable with one litre Chicken Haleem costing Rs 200 and a glass of Kaddu Kheer costing Rs 30. The rates have remained the same from when they began.

Why go: The wide range of dishes they offer apart from Haleem. At reasonable rates that too!

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