I am an Indian. I am young. I am impatient and restless. I love my country and its Independence. I want to see a positive change fast. The tone of my letter is not meant to offend. It is heartfelt. Here goes….

“It has been 70 long years that India achieved its independence. The Britishers officially left India 70 years ago and the nation celebrated its freedom finally. But the question is, are we really free after so many years of achieving independence from the British rule in our country?!”

“The freedom fighters who fought and gave their lives just to make our nation free from the rule of Firangi aka the British people surely didn’t expect our county to be in a position where it is now. Even though we have a democratic government {which is of, for and by the people}, not much has been done to remove the poverty, hunger issues and scarcity of jobs in our country. Okay, I do not say that nothing has been done but 70 years is a very long time and if utilized properly, enormous change can be visible with the help of both the government and the civilians.”

“Even after so many years of gaining Independence, India is still suffering from delayed development, corruption, a faulty working structure and biased people. Dowry and racism is still a big problem in our country and it is a shame to accept this reality as India is a home to people from many different race and religion.”

“Women are still not advised to stay out late {even in metropolitan cities} and are also not offered equal pay. The reservation system has pulled down many talented aspirants in the name of cast and it is high time that we stop this system. The whole point of reservation system was to uplift the lower castes and now when it is done handsomely, the reservation system should be based on financial stability and not on caste. This might give a chance to everybody who wants to grow but lacks money for education.”

“Many villages have free schools for girls but what’s the use if they are to be married at the tender age of 14-15 and kept inside the house for the rest of their lives! Many initiatives have been taken by the government but only a few of them could show a change because it is not just the government who is supposed to do work. The people living in India are equally responsible to uplift the lives of their girl children and allow them to study and shape their career on their own.”

“The right to speak was not meant to start riots, nor did the right to see meant staring at a girl and eve teasing her. Along with the eradication of corruption, women safety is a big issue here which needs attention. Getting her education and a job comes secondary while the understanding for the LGBTQ community is out of question.”

“In a country which is filled with the fans of cricket and Bollywood, public awareness is the need of the hour along with strict law and order. Half the problems can get solved easily if the police concentrate more on public safety while keeping an eye on the corruption in their midst.”

“We live in a country where standing for national anthem comes from forced law and not patriotism. So next time when you enjoy the holiday for Independence Day, think about all the problems our nation is facing. Change yourself first and then expect the world to change for good. As of now, all we can do is hope for the best while giving our best for the community we live in and also for our country. JAI HIND.”