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Hilarious Twitter reactions to the ‘Covviyd’ poster by Andhra man

A rather bizarre poster regarding Covid-19 went viral over the internet. As soon as the poster was shared on Twitter by a man from Andhra Pradesh, the netizens of India were on it and quickly came up with funny reactions and memes to it. The poster features SV Annandd Rao, a stenographer from Anantapur District. “If u use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 by affixing the same to either your house door or in public places, CARONAA will be disappeared not only from Anantapur district but also from the world,” the poster claimed.

The poster, although made as an advertisement by Mr. Rao, soon turned into a meme fest. The poster’s statement, for changing the word Corona to Caronaa and Covid-19 to Covviyd-19, caught everyone’s eyes. Hilarious tweets and reshares flooded on the internet. People’s sceptic attitude towards the poster was evident through their tweets. Some said that it’s no harm to try, in a sarcastic manner while others hilariously added that this school of thought was the only reason that Covid-19 has transmitted so far, rather than ending soon.

Rumors are nothing new to the ongoing pandemic. Every now and then there is some new post regarding the Covid-19 virus. And fake WhatsApp forwards have been spreading in India at a dangerous scale. It has rather turned people on the internet thick-skinned.

The original tweet posted on 8 May 2021 saying “A numerologist from Ananthapuram town in Andhra Pradesh is confident that the pandemic will end if Corona is changed to Caronaa and Covid-19 to Covviyd-19.” After that, reactions starting pouring one-after-one to this Twitter post from this Andhra man.

The magic of this hilarious poster was not only contained to Twitter but continued to spread its wings to other social media sites too.

What are your opinions on this poster by SV Annandd Rao? Let us know.

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