Gender-Neutral Dressing, the New Normal in Vizag


The youth of Vizag has always been ahead when it comes to fashion and trends. It is a common scene to find a guy sporting BOHO clothing or pink tees/pants or girls rocking manly shirts or tees, boyfriend jeans, thumb rings and ear pins too. Don’t believe me, go to the beach road and spend an hour looking at people {it would look creepy so don’t practically do it}. It is a positive point thing that the youth do not discriminate fashion based on gender or colours and we can’t appreciate it enough.

Well, the best thing about fashion is its unpredictability. Anybody can wear anything and people who cannot appreciate it, hope you start learning to appreciate soon.

Today, we introduce you to AKSHAY SHARMA, who is fashion blogger from the capital city and is winning hearts with his innovative ideas to bring fashion as a gender neutral thing. His style statement is clearly visible from his blog and also his instagram account {which is our eye candy}.

Below are few picture which speak for themselves on non gender fashion and no additional explanation is required {we’ll still give though}. So grab popcorn and enjoy this series of pictures which are hotter than Tabasco Sauce. Here we go.

Can anybody else look so DAPPER wearing a simple black shirt, dhoti and brown shoes! I mean look at those neck pieces going perfect with the attire. HAWT

This picture tells a lot about the attitude he is wearing with those palazzo pants he is wearing which are way cooler than we ever thought. Ps. who said men can’t pull off black lipstick and tribal anklets! Just Look.

Shiny red kurta with golden tassels, zari dupatta, a printed dark skirt topped with pink shades is all you need to win somebody’s heart. I hope you are taking proper notes.

Floral shirts are a big HIT among all the fashion lovers. The way Akshay is seen carrying a floral shirt with ripped denim shorts {which are AMAZEBALLS} and a pair of glossy slippers is winning our hearts already.

Daily shorts and tees made look WOW with suspenders and an additional hint of nail polish and a BOHO owl locket makes you look THIS good.

Simple raincoat made look this great. Just, how? Fine, I’m having breathing problems out of his hotness okay.

If anybody says that flowers are so feminine, slap this picture on his/her cheek.

I’m not going to say anything. It’s just me and my heavy breathing.

So peeps, now that you encountered how HOT you can look by just adding a little hint of everyday things in your OOTD’s, use nail paints and lipsticks etc to make your simple look jaw dropping. Throw shade as you slay and let people go crazy about your fashion sense. Yeah, thank us later.

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