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Rainy Day Guide: Fun Things To Do In Vizag When It Rains

The weather is so amazing in Vizag when it rains, offering a much needed respite from the scorching heat. The cool breeze and the cold drizzle are oh so soothing. Most of us just sit at home, read a book and have a hot chocolate as the rain slides down our windows. But why not go out and enjoy the rain? We bring you a list of amazing thing you can do by the beach on a rainy day.


Enjoy the spongy punukulu, spicy mirchi bajji, crispy chicken pakodas, hot samosa, yummy pav bhaji and chaat sold by the beach as rain patters against your umbrella. Fellow mavericks, go ahead and have that ice gola or ice cream you crave. The blocked nose you might get later is worth it. 😉 Or just sip on a hot coffee or chai as your watch the sea turn choppy.


What better time to go on a relaxing ride at Vizag’s Beach Road? Take a break from all the daily responsibilities, grab the love of your life (your better half, loving pet or BFF) and drive by the beach in the confines of your car, watch the raising waves hit against rocks. Or go on a long drive and watch the city get drenched from the view point at Kailashgiri. Do it, even if by yourself! 


Turn off the music. Park your car facing the beach at YMCA or Varun Beach, relax, listen to the sound of the rain pounding on your wind-shield. Watch the sky turn darker, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to even watch it sparkle with lightening.  


Unleash your inner child, what’s the point if you just stay in the car? Get out and play in the rain like you always wanted to and were never allowed to when you were a child. No one’s stopping you now. And after the rain peters out, make a paper boat and play in the puddles! Daag acche hain


One could say they already KNOW all these things, but how many of us actually end up doing them & having simple fun? So the next time it rains, we hope you enjoy it.

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