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From Gujarat’s Dhokla to Delhi’s Kulche, here are the best North Indian dishes in Vizag

Join us in discovering the diverse North Indian flavours converging in Vizag’s food scene. From the savoury Litti Chowkha of Bihar to the zesty Poha of Madhya Pradesh, and the regal Rajasthani Thali to the wholesome Aloo Paratha of Punjab, this article unveils the hidden gems offering an authentic taste of each region’s gastronomic heritage. Explore the bustling lanes to savour Chilla from Chhattisgarh, relish the Chole Kulche straight from Delhi, and refresh with a glass of creamy Lassi from Haryana. Let your taste buds rejoice in the tangy Dhokla of Gujarat and the savoury delight of Pav Bhaji from Maharashtra, and more North Indian dishes all within the heart of Vizag.

Here’s the list of these iconic North Indian dishes and where to find them in Vizag.

Litti Chowkha – Bihar

Bihar’s beloved Litti Chowkha is a rustic dish featuring roasted wheat balls (Litti) stuffed with spiced gram flour, served with mashed vegetables (Chowkha). This traditional delicacy offers a medley of textures and flavours, embodying the heart of Bihar’s culinary heritage.

Location: Sweet India, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, CBM Compound

Poha – Madhya Pradesh

Originating in Madhya Pradesh, Poha is a renowned Indian breakfast dish, also called Pauwa, Sira, Chira, or Aval in various regions. Rich in nutrients, it’s a healthy breakfast option. Indulge in this delectable delight at Vizag’s Shree Shyam Restaurant. Don’t miss their other North Indian specialities like Paneer Butter Masala, Jeera Rice with Dal Fry, and Kadhai Paneer.

Location: Shree Shyam Restaurant, Dabagardens

Rajasthani Thali – Rajasthan

At Vizag’s Masaledaar, savour the regal flavours of Rajasthan through their Rajasthani Thali. A sumptuous spread encompassing an array of vibrant curries, lentil dishes, and savoury snacks, it’s a gastronomic journey that captures the essence of Rajasthan’s royal cuisine in every mouthwatering bite.

Location: Masaledaar Desi Rasoi, Dwaraka Nagar

Chilla – Chhattisghar

Chhattisgarh’s famed Chilla is a savoury pancake crafted from gram flour batter, enriched with local spices and herbs. Delightfully crispy on the outside and soft within, it’s a regional delight that encapsulates the authentic flavours of Chhattisgarh, promising a delightful culinary experience.

Location: Fitways, Lawsons Bay

Aloo Paratha – Punjab

Aloo Paratha is a delectable flatbread stuffed with spiced potato filling. Served with a dollop of butter and yoghurt, it’s a quintessential North Indian delight that encapsulates rich flavours and warmth in every bite.

Location: Punjabi Dhaba, Asilmetta Junction

Chole Kulche – Delhi

Delhi’s iconic Chole Kulche is a culinary gem that pairs perfectly spiced chickpea curry (chole) with soft, leavened bread (kulche). Street-side stalls to eateries showcase this beloved dish, offering a burst of flavours that captures the essence of Delhi’s bustling food culture with every mouthful.

Location: Sweet India, Dabagardens

Lassi – Haryana

Lassi is a refreshing yoghurt-based drink that offers respite from the northern heat. Creamy, chilled, and often topped with a dollop of malai, this traditional delight is a blend of culture and taste, embodying the quintessential Haryanvi hospitality in each soothing sip.

Location: Lakshmi Lassi Centre, next to Brew & Bistro cafe, Lawsons Bay Colony

Dhokla – Gujarat

Hailing from Gujarat, Dhokla is a steamed savoury made from fermented gram flour batter, often paired with zesty mint chutney and fried chillies. Delight in this dish at Laddoo Gopal, a renowned spot in Vizag, celebrated for its top-notch North Indian snacks and irresistible sweets.

Location: Laddu Gopal, Ram Nagar

Pav Bhaji – Maharashtra

Maharashtra’s beloved Pav Bhaji is a vibrant street food sensation. A medley of spiced vegetables served with soft bread rolls, this dish bursts with flavour. From bustling markets to roadside stalls, savour the quintessential Mumbai experience through every delectable bite of this iconic culinary creation.

Location: Chandu Sweets, RTC Complex

Let us know which one of these North Indian dishes found at the restaurants in Vizag is your favourite. Stay tuned to Yo! Vizag website and Instagram for more food recommendations.

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