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An Ode To My Favourite Breakfast – The Dosa

India has chosen it’s favourite breakfast and it is our beloved Dosa.

The humble food from our kitchens is not so humble after all fellow Vizagites. The Dosa which is our favourite and has been since childhood has been found to be India’s favourite breakfast in a recent survey. It is common for us to take for granted what is available to us easily. Same goes the case for Dosa. While we are chasing fads regarding superfoods and diets that deliver us from evils of a bad body type, a winner is right at home. Look closer around you and you will find Amma packing it lovingly for a school tiffin, a young couple bonding over it or a tiny toddler holding a piece of dosa and chewing it fascinatedly.

Childhood memories and teenage gossips and complicated adult conversations have happened over Dosa. Apparently it is not only us in South India but in North India too that Dosa is a breakfast favourite. And why not? Nutritious and easy and mouth wateringly tasty…..( wait let me grab one at the nearest tiffin centre)this is true love. There is lot that can be said about this yummy tiffin but well the Dosa is special.

  • Dosa, origins not withstanding is a South Indian staple and true love. We enjoy it at home and we do so in canteens, messes, tiffin centers, hotels etc. Basically everywhere and anywhere.
  • It lends itself perfectly to the accompaniment of many more yummy chutneys, pachdis, podis, sambars, koras and stuffings. A Dosa shares and it cares for us and our tummies. It does not hog all the attention by itself. Take a lesson people!!
  • It’s variants are immense and the list un-ending. Sponge Dosa, Rava dosa, Masala Dosa etc etc. We love them all. Don’t we?? Nothing gets boring where Dosa is concerned.
  • People across age groups love it and it is not just breakfast fare. It can be packed for tiffin boxes, taken on journeys, had for lunch or dinner or anytime in between. It’s all season with lots of seasonings.
  • Nutritionally it is a superfood by itself. Packing carbohydrates to energise you and proteins to keep you healthy, amino acids and everything under the sun, it is a culinary marvel. Eat it and you will never regret it. Your diet is safe and your figure un-changing.

Move over cornflakes, burgers, muesli and all the other fashionable modern breakfasts. Dosa beats you all and will remain the reigning favourite.




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