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Best Telugu Movies of 2023

As we bid farewell to the cinematic journey of 2023, Telugu cinema stands out as a beacon of storytelling brilliance and visual mastery. From intense and captivating dramas to exhilarating action sequences and narratives that tug at the heart, each film has contributed to a diverse and impactful cinematic landscape. These top 11 best Telugu movies in 2023  have not only entertained but have become defining moments, showcasing the industry’s ability to innovate and resonate with audiences. This year’s collection is a testament to the enduring creative spirit of Telugu cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers and shaping the narrative for years to come.

Month of Madhu

This story unfolds the lives of a couple teetering on the edge of divorce, and it charts the impact of an outsider whose arrival transforms their destinies. You can now watch this movie on Aha.


Two high school sweethearts encounter hurdles in their relationship as they embark on divergent paths in life. It is currently streaming on the OTT platform Aha


A village experiences enigmatic deaths caused by the occult practices of an unidentified individual. The entire community lives in fear, and the challenges persist as they strive to identify the person accountable for these occurrences. The enigmatic thriller is currently available for streaming on the Telugu-language section of the OTT platform Netflix, complete with English subtitles.


Balagam unfolds in a Telangana village, exploring the repercussions on a family and its connections, both within the community and among its members, following the unexpected demise of the cheerful patriarch. Balagam is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Mad (2023)

Taking place in an engineering college, the story centres around the mischievous activities of the students, particularly the boys, who find amusement in playing pranks on the hostel warden. Mad (2023) is available to stream on Netflix.


A perpetual university student, grappling with academic challenges, seeks assistance from his son and a friend deeply entangled in a romantic pursuit. Amidst the emergence of new love and comedic clashes, the story unfolds with a series of entertaining escapades. It is currently streaming on the OTT platform Aha


In an attempt to honour a promise made to his dying friend, a gang leader confronts rival criminal factions, embarking on a journey to fulfil his commitment. There’s strong speculation that Salaar will stream on Netflix from January 12th.

Hi Nanna

A lone father initiates the tale of the absent mother to his child, and from that moment, everything undergoes a profound transformation. Hi Nanna is set to stream on Netflix in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi from January 4th.


Against the backdrop of the Singareni coal mines near Godavarikhani in Telangana, the story takes shape, capturing the essence of life in this mining town. The rugged landscapes and industrial settings provide a unique backdrop, influencing the lives and experiences of the characters in the narrative. Dasara is available to stream on Netflix

Waltair Veerayya

A smuggler, working as a fisherman, agrees to a plea from a ragged police officer, intending to exploit the situation for his gain. The film is now available to stream on Netflix in Telugu.


Brought up in a household devoid of religious beliefs, a young man finds himself enamoured with the daughter of his father’s sworn adversary, a committed Hindu leader. The film is now available to stream on Netflix in Telugu.

As we wrap up this cinematic exploration of the top Telugu movies in 2023, we’d love to hear about your favourites. Feel free to share your thoughts and preferences via comments—let us know which movies left an enduring impression on you and the moments that stood out.

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