Best Tamil Movies of 2023

As we delve into the cinematic realm of 2023, Tamil movies 2023 has once again captivated audiences with a diverse array of storytelling and visual brilliance. From riveting dramas to high-octane action and soul-stirring narratives, the year has seen a remarkable lineup of movies that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers. Let’s explore the 11 best Tamil movies that have defined the cinematic landscape in 2023.


In the quiet routine of their seemingly ordinary life, a man devotedly raises his niece as if she were his daughter, providing love, care, and a sense of family. However, the tranquillity shatters when their world is thrown into chaos as the little girl mysteriously goes missing, unravelling a poignant tale of suspense and heartbreak. This Tamil drama is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

Jigarthanda Double X

Amid the gritty backdrop of 1975, a daring filmmaker ventures into an unusual collaboration, agreeing to create a film with an ambitious gangster who harbours dreams of stardom. As the reel of their cinematic endeavour unfolds, the line between the reel and real blurs, exposing the compelling narrative of ambition and intrigue. This Tamil action thriller is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Viduthalai Part 1

Assigned a crucial mission, a police officer is recruited to capture the leader of a separatist group, thrust into a high-stakes game of wits and duty. Watch Viduthalai Part 1 now on Zee5.


Two young lovers find themselves unexpectedly thrust into parenthood, and the challenges they face lead to their separation. Manikandan, left to navigate the difficulties of single teenage fatherhood, encounters a twist of fate when Sindhu reenters his life, altering their destinies. The digital streaming rights of the film have been bagged by Amazon Prime Video

Por Thozhil

A promising yet timid rookie cop must conquer his fears to triumph in his inaugural case, where he joins forces with a solitary senior officer to apprehend a serial killer wreaking havoc. You can catch the film streaming on Sony Liv.

Good Night

A modest, boy-next-door, whose most significant woe is his snoring, finds himself smitten with a girl. Witness the journey of the couple as they navigate the challenge of his sleeping issue while sharing a life. You can stream Good Night on Disney+ Hotstar.


A timid cartoonist finds himself under the influence of a cartoon action figure, embarking on a journey to confront a corrupt politician, showcasing an unexpected alliance between the animated and real worlds. You can watch Maaveeran exclusively on Prime Video.


Parthiban, the unassuming owner of a café in Kashmir, repels a group of ruthless thugs, attracting the interest of a drug cartel that alleges his past association with them. This Tamil action thriller is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.


A former jailer embarks on a quest to track down his son’s murderers, only to find himself navigating a familiar yet slightly darker terrain. Will he successfully navigate this intricate situation and emerge unscathed? You can watch Jailer exclusively on Prime Video.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 2

Arulmozhi Varman persists in his quest to ascend to the throne as Rajaraja I, the preeminent ruler of the historical Chola empire in South India. You can watch Ponniyin Selvan Part 2 exclusively on Prime Video.


A clandestine mastermind, Daredevil, and his team devise a strategy to execute a bank heist with the intent of reclaiming the funds swindled from the public by unscrupulous corporations. This Tamil action thriller is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

As we wrap up this cinematic journey of Best Tamil movies 2023, we’d love to hear about your favourites among these movies. Share with us the ones that left a lasting impression and the moments you cherished the most.

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