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    6 training videos of Virat Kohli that give us fitness goals

    virat kohli workout

    Virat Kohli is probably the biggest superstar in world cricket right now. The Indian captain is scoring runs at will whilst breaking records left, right, and centre.

    Virat Kohli and his fitness

    We also know that he is one among the world’s fittest athletes. King Kohli, as he’s famously called, is lightning quick between the wickets and possesses an immense stamina to play long innings.

    While Virat was a chubby boy during his early days, he completely transformed his lifestyle to turn fitter. Right from his diet patterns to his workout routines, Virat follows some strict regimes to bring his ‘A’ game to the fore.

    As expected, he loves his workouts and here are some of the videos posted by him from workout sessions. These will not only give some fitness goals but also motivate you to hit the gym right away.

    Check these videos here.

    An Intense Cardio Session

    How about kick starting your day with an intense cardio session that would get your heart pumping?

    Some Powerful Squat workouts

    Virat once told that all the power in his shots comes through his legs! Seems totally legit after watching these videos.

    Now we know where all those runs come from!!

    The fastest runner training his legs to be match ready.

    Ok, Virat Kohli is high on squats!


    Moral: Never neglect your LEG DAY in the Gym!!

    A Killer Core Workout

    Training our core is one of the toughest parts of a workout. But this guy seems to pull it off like a pro!


    Pheww, that was a draining session, wasn’t it? Need a protein shake?

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    Latest weather report regarding cyclone in Visakhapatnam


    Visakhapatnam, Orrisa Cyclone Update as received on 19th October, 2017 afternoon

    Visakhapatnam can now lie back as Yo! Vizag has spoken to the officials at the Cyclone Warning Center here and the threatening wind system has moved towards Odisha. Their latest reports indicate depression is not likely to intensify into a cyclone but a deep depression that will make landfall between Puri and Chandbali in Odisha.

    Visakhapatnam can expect to receive strong winds reaching sixty five kmph which are likely to prevail along North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The sea state is going to be very rough and people here are expected to keep away from the sea shore.

    Below is the satellite image at 14:30 IST.

    The depression will be causing rainfall and winds at the speed of 65 kph. The city is likely to experience showers from tonight onwards and winds tomorrow.

    Earlier – While the threat of a cyclone is still circulating in Visakhapatnam and people are following the weather report closely, this comes as a welcoming news.

    As per the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the district of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh is in for some heavy showers in the coming days and there have been warnings till yesterday of another Cyclone in Vizag. The IMD has informed us of a low-pressure region that is formed over the central part of the Bay of Bengal.

    The below image from accuweather depicts yesterday’s low pressure area.

    As per the officials, “There is a definite low pressure that has formed over west-central and adjoining parts of Bay of Bengal and it is likely to intensify into a depression in the next 24 hours. It is likely to affect North Andhra and South Odisha but given the wind speeds it is definitely not a cyclone warning.”

    Phew… the memories of the devastating cyclone are still fresh and while weather can suddenly change, we can be happy about the news at hand. Rest assured we shall keep one and all updated.

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    The many ways through which we can celebrate Diwali with our loved ones


    Diwali festivities

    Whether it is just for a day or two, or a grand celebration of five days, but Diwali is the festival that is celebrated by every Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh in India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Nepal and across the globe. This festival of lights invites Goddess Lakshmi into the household. It celebrates the return of the Lord of Ayodhya, Sri Ram. In some parts of India, this is a five-day extravaganza, for some a three-day festival and for the rest, it’s just the day itself. The house is decorated with flowers, diyas, and elaborate rangolis, and the aroma of traditional sweets and savouries fill the air. For the North Indians, it is a five-day festival. Two days prior to the actual Diwali day (amavasya) is ‘Dhante Ras’ (trayodashi), a day when one buys silver, light a single diya for the festivities and worship it. The next day is Chota Diwali- when eleven diyas are lit and worshipped. On the actual day of Diwali, Lakshmi puja takes predominance; diyas are lit and placed all around the house. The evening is for crackers and celebrations with family, friends, and neighbours. The following day is ‘Gowardhan puja’, when traditionally cows are worshipped and on the fifth day, ‘Bhai Dhuj’ is celebrated. On this day, married women invite their brother home for a feast. While in South India, the festivities centre over two days – Naraka Chaturdashi and Deepavali Amavasya. In many areas, the festivities start out at the crack of dawn and carry on well into the night.

    Diwali is a festival for children as much as it is for adults. Soak in the festivities this time with a bit of flair and a bit of something extra – make this Diwali unforgettable for you, your family and friends by trying something new, something different. Plan a grand party, a lavish spread of goodies, share the day with orphans, surprise your friends with special gifts or escape from it all and spend the day luxuriating in a spa. Yo! Vizag has tips, suggestions, and ideas to make this Diwali a little bit more special! We also have roped in a family from the south and one from the North and got them to share their manner of celebrating Diwali.

    Party time!

    When planning a cozy card party or a fireworks party, get the date and the guest list right. See to it that the date does not clash with any of the festive days, as invariably family takes precedence over friends on festive days. Keep the guest list easy and lively with your close friends and people who will get along well; be wary of putting together a group of complete strangers from different spheres of your life. Do all your shopping at least 3-4 days earlier, including accessories and cutlery for the food, party gaming devices, prizes and stuff. Plan smart – order some items from a reliable caterer, use ready-to-eat snacks, make easy yet tasty appetizers or main dish, and enlist your close friends or family to help. If it is a card-party, then make sure that there is a variety of non-greasy finger foods and nibbles. Set up card-tables, keep stacks of cards, to avoid any ambiguity – print out the rules of popular games and display them prominently. Keep the décor traditional with lots of marigold garlands all over, a few floating lamps (avoid too many lit candles or diyas around, every flame is a hazard unless monitored), elaborate rangolis, use paper lanterns, and Indian Classical or Hindustani music in the background. Alternatively go all Las Vegas style with balloons, bright lights, peppy music and a dance floor! Arrange an alternative like a few board games or an x-box for those who do not play cards or who want to quit after a certain point. Stock up the bar with easy to serve and popular drinks, no fancy cocktails as making and serving cocktails would need someone to man the counter all night. Keep in mind the non-drinkers and stock up on juices for them too. Throw in a bit of fireworks at the end of the party, after all this is a festival of lights. Also, hire or designate a driver for dropping the intoxicated guests, be a responsible host.

    Choose a Caterer: many hotels and bakeries deliver for parties, also try Spice India (phone: !!!!!!!!), Just down the Street (phone: !!!!!!!!),

    Fire up the party, burn your money at While just a few days before the festivities stalls come up on the Old Jail road, shops like Standard fireworks (Krishna College Road, Maddilapalem) and Jagan Fireworks at Purna market sell fireworks throughout the year.

    Shower them with gifts!

    Make this Diwali more personal; pick and choose your gifts with care.


    Eastern Art Museum on the Sampath Vinayaka road stocks a wide range of selective gifts, handicrafts, and accessories, which redefine the notion of gifting. Innovative, traditional and classy these gifts are perfect for any occasion. Select from an array of articles in wood, brass, bone, fabric, leather, handmade paper… Similarly, Pages has a wide array of gifts to opt for – like unique stationary, cards, books, and diaries or a bit of silver, idols, and figures of Ganesha and Lakshmi.

    Chocolate Boxes

    Consider Gourmet gifts, like an innovative box of cupcakes that are healthy gift  bouquet of chocolates! Do check out Radisa, a chocoholic’s delight. It has mind-blowing chocolate treats like chocolate flowers, bouquets, specially made chocolate visiting cards… check out the Radisa FB page for ideas and inspirations.

    Indulgence! It is sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

    Sweet shops like Sweet India, Ladoo Gopal and such have a wide choice of assorted sweet baskets, dry fruit baskets, savoury treats and more.Any festive occasion is all about the sweets – no celebrations is complete without the customary sweet. While making traditional sweets at home is the norm, indulging in the wide array that a sweetshop has to offer, adds to the fun and excitement. “When gifting sweets, the idea is to pick a sweet which has a good shelf-life like sweets made with cashew, badam, pista, anjeer, or the motichur ladoo, which is a popular sweet for gifting in Diwali” shares the owner of Sharad Sharma of Sweet India. For the diet conscious and diabetics, the store has a range of sugar free sweets made with Relish Sugar-Free. Along with Sweet India, the stores offer a delectable array of a classy gift pack of sweets and namkeens. But gifting apart, its time to indulge in a mouthwatering choice of sweets and savouries or maybe samosas or kachoris or vada pav or ras malais or raj bhog… the choices are as mind-boggling and tough to make as they are delicious! Serve a delicious variety of snacks, nibbles, and desserts. Try out at Sweet India and Ladoo Gopal.

    Share the joy!

    Diwali is a festival of joy and happiness, the story goes that every house was lit to welcome Lord Rama back into Ayodhya and that Goddess Lakshmi visits only houses that are brightly lit. Just as a lamp can share so much light, warmth and a sense of happiness, celebrate the festivities in the same manner – spread the warmth and joy of the season. Share the joys of indulging in sweets, crackers, and gifts with those who would truly appreciate your gesture and time, spend an evening in an orphanage or even an old-age home. Organise a Diwali night in a children’s home an old-age home. Make this festival brighter for them.


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    Ravi Shastri is the world’s highest paid cricket coach

    ravi shastri, indian cricket team

    The Indian cricket team coach, Ravi Shastri, has emerged as the world’s highest paid cricket coach. As per espncricinfo‘s Cricket Monthly, the Indian team’s cricket coach is followed by Australia’s Darren Lehmann and England’s Trevor Bayliss. It has been reported that Ravi Shastri receives an annual paycheck of Rs 7.61 crores ($1.17 million).

    Australian coach is paid $0.55 million while Trevor Bayliss receives $0.52 million on a yearly basis. It has also been learned that the coaches of subcontinent teams receive greater salaries as compared to other teams’. A probable reason being cited for the same is that it is considered tougher to coach a subcontinent team. The coach will not only have to face the language barrier but also cope up with the security issues. The same is true for Bangladesh’s Chandika Hathurasingha and Pakistan’s Mickey Arthur.

    Given the high salaries involved, the post of Indian Cricket Team’s coach witnesses a lot of competition earlier this year. The likes of Virender Sehwag, Lalchand Rajput and others were in the race to bag the post. However, it was Ravi Shastri who won the race in the end.

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    5 things about CMR Central that every Vizagite can relate to

    cmr central, visakhapatnam

    We have all been there. Be it for the shopping, or for the movies, or for the food, or even for hanging out with our friends, CMR Central is the one stop for citizens of Visakhapatnam. This place has stood witness to innumerable memories and is easily one among our favourites in Visakhapatnam

    While it is a regular activity for many of us to visit CMR Central, there have been certain things typical to this place that we have got accustomed to. Here are 5 such things that are relatable to every CMR Central visitor ever.

    #5 The Parking

    Oh yes! Finding a parking slot for your vehicle, especially on the weekends, can get extremely challenging. While parking the vehicle within the mall’s premises might be a bit less challenging, you will need the luck to be on your side if you are to park it somewhere around the mall.

    #4 The Weekend Crowd

    You must have certainly visited CMR Central on a Sunday evening. Try moving swiftly without stopping after every regular interval. The ground floor, especially, is jam-packed and can make you feel claustrophobic. On a serious note though, there’s no place in Vizag that can match CMR Central’s buzz on a busy Sunday evening.

    #3 Window Shopping at Reliance Digital

    Want to get a quick check on how broken you are? Then visit Reliance Digital and take glimpses of the rate cards of some of the high-end electronics. This place is a wonderful choice to get an enlightening update of what the latest trends in the electronic market are.

    #2 From Trends to Max and Max to Trends

    Ah, the fickle minded we while shopping! Selecting something suitable for us can get extremely testing at times. Don’t be surprised if you end up burning some calories while doing the multiple journeys between Trends and Max.

    #1 The Godly Food Card

    Want to eat something at the food court? Please don’t forget to carry your food card. Also, don’t forget to check its balance before ordering the food else, you know the embarrassment 😉

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    Safety tips to know immediately – No jokes here!!

    safety tips

    A time for celebration Diwali should not translate into an undying occasion of loss, regret and repentance. Safety tips that must be kept handy to serve you well this festive season.

    In order to keep Diwali filled with more happiness, and less hazards, it is important to follow safety tips. Take note to avoid many an unpleasant memory for you, your family, friends or your neighbors. Here are some safety tips and precautions that can make Diwali happy for you and everyone around.
    Candles, Diyas and others – 
    • Never light Diyas or candles near the curtains or any other hanging decorations of the home.
    • Make sure candles are fixed firmly on a surface that is steady and not inflammable.
    • Diya near electrical wiring is a big no.

    Dressing festive but safe – 

    • Cotton cloth only for your Diwali clothes. One of the most important of safety tips.
    • Synthetic fibers are a strict no for Diwali.
    • Well fitted over loose and flowy clothes to avoid catching fire.
    • Not the best look but a saree or dupatta secured at the waist will save you.
    source – trekearth

    Firing crackers big and small – 

    • Never store the fire crackers near the place where you are lighting the crackers or electrical wirings. .
    • Go to any outdoor, open space, like a garden, a park or an open terrace.
    • Place crackers properly on a firm surface only and avoid using hands directly.
    • Never let the children light fire crackers alone; ensure that they are supervised by more than one adult.
    • Light fire crackers at a distance from the gathering.
    • Always move away after lighting a fire cracker.
    • Dispose the firecrackers immediately in a bucket of water.

    First aid for burns – 

    • Keep a bucket of water, sand or fire extinguisher near the place where you are firing the crackers.
    • In case you got fire on your cloth do not rush instead step on it or roll on the floor to cut down the oxygen supply to the fire quickly.
    • Keep a first aid box ready for Diwali.
    • In case of incidents of mild burn, the burnt area of the body can be washed in cool water at for 10 minutes followed by an emolient.
    • For severe cases of burn, douse water for 15 mins and then rush to doctor.
    • In case of severe burn, remove the clothes from the body of the person immediately and keep him/her wrapped in a thick cotton bed sheet before taking to the hospital.
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    Yuvraj Singh booked by his sister-in-law for domestic violence

    yuvraj singh

    In what is coming as a disheartening news to many fans of Yuvraj Singh, his sister-in-law has registered a case against him. The cricketer’s sister-in-law, Akanksha Sharma, who was also a participant in last year’s Big Boss, has accused Yuvraj of domestic violence. Akanksha has even dragged her mother-in-law, Shabnam, and husband, Zoravar into the case.

    Akanksha Sharma

    A report is spotboye, quoted Akanksha’s lawyer Swati Singh Malik saying, “Yes, Akanksha has filed a case of domestic violence against Yuvraj, her husband Zoravar and their mother Shabnam.”

    The lawyer added that while there was no physical violence attributed to Yuvraj, it was the mental and financial torture that was credited to the cricketer in the case. She said Yuvraj was a silent spectator to the suffering that was caused to Akansksha by his mother and brother.

    Akanksha Sharma

    In fact, the lawyer went on to say that Yuvraj Singh even joined his mother in pressurising Akanksha to have a baby. In Akanksha’s words, “Yuvraj would even tell Akanksha that she should obey his mother because she was the most superior person in the house.”

    Akanksha Sharma

    As per the lawyer’s statement, Yuvraj even warned his sister-in-law that if she did not obey his mother, she had no place in the house. Swati tagged Yuvraj’s mother, Shabnam as an extremely dominant woman.

    Image Courtesy: Akanksha Sharma’s Instagram handle.

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    Flyover at NAD Junction to be delivered in 18 months

    10 long years since it was promised but better late than never. CM Chandrababu Naidu yesterday laid the foundation stone for construction of the NAD Junction flyover in Visakhapatnam. A promise has been made for delivery in 18 months.

    source -The Hans India

    The traffic woes of Visakhapatnam at the super busy junction at NAD which connects 3 arterial roads will soon become past. At the ceremony for laying the foundation stone the CM has promised Vizag to have the flyover ready in 18 months. Making the promise good is the challenge for Vijay Nirman, the company that has been entrusted with the construction work. 113 crores is being pumped into the flyover project for creating an under-passage cum rotary mode separator flyover. A design to end the traffic problems in a modern way.

    “We will leave no stone unturned to transform Visakhapatnam into the major global tourist destination and the IT hub” – These are the words of our CM Chandrababu Naidu.


    • Budget 113 crores in EPC mode.
    • 6-lane under passage rotary separator type-3 level flyover for Visakhapatnam.
    • Two levels with 3 lanes on the first level and 4 lanes on the second level.
    • 10, 000 passenger cars and 1,00, 000 people will be what the project will service.
    • Additional service roads on all four sides and approach roads and amps to be developed.
    • Pedestrian walkways, landscaping, bus stops, foot paths to be developed as well.

    The time has come for Visakhapatnam to get it’s demand fulfilled and the major solution to the woes of people travelling through the busy NAD Junction.

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    Reliving the journey of Visakhapatnam City over the past 50 years

    visakhapatnam, vizag, pincode, visakhapatnam city

    Visakhapatnam city from the late 50’s till today, the city has undergone a change, but then are we headed in the ‘smart’ direction? Dr. E.A.S. Sarma shares his views of then and now.

    When I think of Visakhapatnam, my memory goes back to the late fifties, when I joined the Andhra University as a student.

    then and now

    Coming from a mofussil town, Srikakulam, this city, known in different ways as Visakhapatnam, Waltair, and Vizag, looked highly urbanised but impressive. At that time, the city had a surplus of lush green hills, a panoramic coastline, a wealth of greenery all over and quite a sizeable number of heritage buildings like Hawa Mahal near the beach. A ride in the “Number Ten” bus from Maharanipeta where I stayed, used to take me every day along a winding road that touched Rama Krishna Mission near the beach, then climbed up the slope of the ridge where Pandurangapuram stands today, passed through a sparsely populated Siripuram and then finally to Andhra University with its majestic structures surrounded by greenery. In the place of the present day Pandurangapuram, there was a mind boggling stretch of brick-red ravines providing a brilliant contrast with the striking blue of Bay of Bengal. In its place, what we see today are ugly cement concrete buildings that block the sea view from the road and look congested and choking.

    These days, when I try to take a look at the skyline of the city, instead of the greenery that stood on the hills, I see deep, ugly scars and uglier structures on them. When I drive along the beach road from the city towards Bheemili, instead of one continuous stretch of a panoramic coastline that was once the city’s proud heritage, I find structures that lack character, spewing out untreated sewage into the sea. In the name of “road widening”, the authorities have mercilessly hacked down hundreds of trees, scooped out portions of the hills that used to add glory to the road at one time.

    The stretch of ravines was a geological heritage that characterised Vizag’s coastline five decades ago.

    Post-Hudhud, the citizens felt distressed at the all-round loss of greenery. Nature is always resilient and vegetation is coming back. It is however ironic that, on one side, the authorities are busy planting saplings at a great cost to “undo” the Hudhud damage but, at the same time, they are equally busy doling out existing natural forests over the hills to real estate developers to build ugly structures!

    HudHud Vizag 2014 Aftermath
    HudHud Vizag 2014 Aftermath

    The stretch of ravines was a geological heritage that characterised Vizag’s coastline five decades ago. They dotted the coastline right from the R K Beach up to Bheemili. Had we conserved this wonder of a natural endowment, Vizag would have offered a unique tourism feature that others would have envied. While the building activity obliterated parts of it within the city, the Navy’s structures and construction activity near Bheemili effaced long stretches of it. What remains today is what we call “Erra Matti Dibbalu” near Nerellavalasa. Even that bit is now facing a serious threat from further building activity!

    Erra Matti Dibbalu is not only a unique geological heritage site but also a place where scholars found evidence of a prehistoric human settlement. If we are residents of a really “smart” city, we should protect this geological asset so that our children and grandchildren may have the benefit of seeing it.

    Vizag’s history dates back to more than two millennia. We should thank the Indian Navy for discovering the Buddhist sites at Bavikonda, Thotlakonda and Pavuralakonda, where there was perhaps a vibrant Buddhist settlement that has left an indelible imprint on the city and its culture. Instead of conserving these sites in accordance with globally accepted norms, in the name of tourism development, we are tampering with the historical character of these sites and converting them into tourism hotspots of 2016! This is certainly not “smartness”!

    In my student days, the real Vizag was in the “old town” as they call it now. I still remember a functioning railway station in that part of the city. There used to be a sizeable population of Anglo-Indians at that time, many of whom have since migrated to other places. As a result of the Port, the Shipyard and the Railways, many people came to Vizag in search of employment. That explains the cosmopolitan character of the city. In fact, the Andhra University of those days was in itself an outstanding symbol of a highly cosmopolitan academic institution with the members of its faculty drawn from every nook and corner of the country. The Kali temple near the R K Beach is a standing example of how Vizagites had welcomed infusion of culture from outside.

    When people refer to Vizag as a “smart city”, or a “city of destiny” or the “fastest growing city”, I keep wondering whether they understand the implications fully.

    then and now

    The municipality of Visakhapatnam city is one of the oldest in the country. In other words, urban governance and democratic values stand deeply embedded in the lives of the citizens here. “Smartness” should make us wonder whether those democratic values still persist. It is distressing to find the citizens, even the so-called educated ones, not feeling anger at the way the government has not cared to hold elections for more than four years. Before anyone can impose “smartness” on us, we should demand that the government should not only conduct elections but also set up the already notified Area Sabhas and Ward Committees. Without democracy, there cannot be “smartness”.

    The city and its surroundings have been identified by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) as lying in a highly polluted industrial bowl where any incremental pollution can endanger our health. Localities such as Kota Veedhi and Gnanapuram are the recipients of toxic pollutants from the Port, HPCL and a horde of other industries that are located all around. In almost every house in the city, right up to Kailasagiri and beyond, one should not be surprised to find a thick layer of black dust covering the floor and every conceivable object. This black dust contains many toxic chemicals that surreptitiously contaminate our lungs, enter almost every water body, and pollute even vegetables and fish, causing a wide range of life-threatening diseases. Can we call our city a “smart” one, if we do not address this problem of increasing pollution?

    then and now

    True, Visakhapatnam city is growing very fast. No doubt, fast growth creates employment opportunities and all-round prosperity; provided we anticipate the requirements of such urban growth and take care of them.

    The biggest challenge that Vizagites are going to face in the coming decade is an emerging water crisis. Our domestic water needs are galloping. Existing and newly committed industrial activity requires water in very large quantities. However, we have not planned sufficiently to ensure efficient use of water and manage additions to water supply sources. As a result of lack of planning, our local reservoirs such as Mudasarlova are slowly shrinking in terms of their capacity. We have over-committed water to industry. There are no desalination facilities in sight. Our precious but scarce groundwater sources are either drying up as a result of overexploitation or getting saline or polluted as a result of infringement of the environmental norms, especially the CRZ requirements. We will soon face a huge water crisis that will make the city unlivable. The Smart City protagonists have no inkling of the magnitude of this emerging crisis.

    We can call ourselves “smart” if we can anticipate the problems facing the city and find sustainable solutions. The citizens of Vizag are highly innovative but will the authorities ever involve them in decision making?

    Picture Credits: Prem Anantaraman

    This Article Is Written By:

    Dr. E.A.S. Sarma completed his BSc. (Hons) (1961) in Physics and MSc. in Nuclear Physics (1962) from AU, Visakhapatnam city (India) and went on to undertake research at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay (1962-64), a PG Diploma in Advanced Industrial Management at Research Institute for Management Science (1974) at Delft, The Netherlands. He also did his Master of Public Administration (1980) at Harvard University (USA), and Ph.D. (1986) from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India). An IAS officer from 1965 to 2000, he has played many active roles in Andhra Pradesh and in the Central Government. He was Secretary, Ministry of Finance, GOI (1998-00), Secretary, Ministry of Power, GOI (1997-98), Principal Adviser (Energy), Planning Commission, Delhi (1989-94 & 1996-97). He was the Principal of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad (2001-04). He returned to his roots in Vizag, over a decade ago and started the Forum for Better Visakha (FBV), a civil society forum that provides a platform for citizens and NGOs to interact on public policy issues.

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    Aircraft Museum – Visakhapatnam gets it’s Deepavali gift from Indian Navy

    aircraft museum

    Visakhapatnam finally got the best Deepavali gift yesterday. On a high flying note the CM Chandrababu Naidu along with Indian Navy Flag Officer Commanding-in-chief of Eastern Naval Command HCS Bisht laid the foundation of the aircraft museum yesterday. It opens in December, inaugurated by the President of India, Ramnath Kovind.

    An additional glory to the kitty of Visakhapatnam, the Russian aircraft Tu-142m which has been converted into an aircraft museum will be open to Vizag people in December. It’s almost ready and CM has gifted it to the city on Deepavali. Now with the submarine museum and the aircraft museum, the war memorial and INS Calvari, the integrated maritime zone is developed. A huge tourist and local interest draw, this will make Visakhapatnam stand out since it is something no other city can boast. Indian Navy has actively participated and put speed into the works to deliver it on time along with city authorities. Both the CM as well as Navy officials deem a flourishing partnership.

    Present on the occasion was tourism minister Akhila Priya who also mentioned the commitment of the city to bring INS Viraat, decommisioned Indian Navy aircraft carrier as a successful project to Visakhapatnam. A project which will chalk up a budget of 1000 crores.

    What is coming up for our readers??

    Commenting on the Deepavali gift to the city, VUDA vice-chairman has given us a round up of the facilities and fun factor at the aircraft museum.

    • An opportunity for people to experience what it is like inside a war plane and especially that has rendered 29 years of successful service to the nation. Loaded with weapons and lethal hunter of the high seas.
    • A scenic site and most loved location in Visakhapatnam i.e RK Beach Road.
    • Audio-visual equipment
    • Coffee shop
    • Tourist’s arena
    • Simulation games and more.
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    People from other cities tell why exactly do they love Vizag

    Visakhapatnam public

    We all know what a lovely city Visakhapatnam is.  We all have our own reasons to love this city. Not only has this place turned out to be special for its citizens but the tourists too find Vizag special. People who move in here from other places feel there’s a certain exclusivity about Vizag that makes them fall in love with it. We interacted with a few of such people and asked them what exactly is it that makes them love this place. Here’s what they had to say.

    A Placid atmosphere like nowhere – Prashanth, Hyderabad

    “I have been living in the city for the past four years. One thing that I love about this place is its placid atmosphere. I have been to many places in the country but probably there’s nothing that can substitute Vizag for its serenity. The people here are very cordial as well. I just relish being at the beach and embracing my solitude.”

    The city’s positivity and its spirit – Priyanshu, Nagpur

    smart city“For the past many years, one thing I have noticed about the city is its inspiring spirit. Be it after the HudHud or after any other cyclone for that matter, this city just doesn’t seem to stop. The people here go about their work with a positive frame of mind, at least in my circle. Vizag is, comparatively, a smaller city and is filled with an exuberant spirit.”

    Pollution free atmosphere – Rohit, Delhi


    “I had been living in Delhi since my childhood before I moved here three years ago. The city’s atmosphere swept me off my feet and I just relish the fact that I need not wear a face mask while going outdoors. Even after the destruction caused by HudHud, the greenery is being restored and the city seems to be getting its lovely charm back. I really hope Vizag remains the same in the years to come.”

A scenic beauty – Shahbaaz, Aligarh

vizag beach“I am a huge admirer of nature. I can spend the whole day by the beach. Visakhapatnam has given me the opportunity to live in harmony with nature. From its gushing beaches to the lush green mountains, the city has many places to visit with our loved ones to spend some quality time.”

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    Student suicide – AP Education Minister warns strict action

    student suicide
    Student suicide numbers are on the rise in Andhra Pradesh. 38 young Intermediate students have committed suicide owing to academic pressure in residential colleges across the state in the last three years.

    source – sakshi
    The education minister of Andhra Pradesh Ganta Srinivasa Rao has expressed deep sorrow on the rise in student suicide and given harsh warning to colleges of action. The minister has visited the hostel of Narayana College in Visakhapatnam and interacted with the girl students staying at the hostel. 188 affiliated hostels in the state are not owned by the colleges themselves. a very big problem as per the minister. Reported by Deccan Herald, Andhra Pradesh education minister said –  “I will not spare even Narayana colleges if we find any lacunae.”

    A meeting was called by him to discuss the matter. It involved all residential colleges, hostels and parents on 16 October to discuss the issue of suicides in hostels. Without the mandated counselling system that should be in olace, the trend of student suicide has claimed 6 lives in the past 2 days. This is especially the case in students availing the boarding facility.

    A separate issue is the absence of CCTV at hostels, another mandate that has been ignored at many places. In the past two days two students stayed back during breakfast and dinner time and committed suicide while their roommates were away at the mess.

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