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8 uses for the Rushikonda buildings, according to Vizagites

On 16 June 2024, Sunday, the long-controversial buildings, or ‘palace’ atop Rushikonda Hill, built by former Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, made more noise than ever as views of the interiors, furniture, and landscaping went viral on social media. The Telugu Desam Party Bheemunipatnam MLA-elect, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, along with cadres of the TDP and JSP, media journalists, and public, paid a visit to the construction – becoming the first to enter the site and see what’s inside.

The buildings, comprising seven blocks, aptly boasted their Rs 500 crore investment through lavish living rooms and bedrooms, imported furniture, chandeliers, elevators, and luxurious bathrooms.

With the curtains rising on the Rushikonda buildings, so far shrouded in mystery, the entirety of Andhra Pradesh has been swept up in a heated debate revolving around one question: How should these buildings be utilised by the present government moving forward? Asking the same, Yo! Vizag posted a poll on our Instagram page regarding the buildings’ future potential. Here’s what Vizagites proposed:

1. Convention Hall 

The idea of using the buildings as a convention hall for international and national summits, tech expos, and other significant events was well-received. With modern amenities and ample space, the buildings could host large delegations, promoting Vizag as a hub for business and technology conferences.

2. Government Hospital

Another suggestion was to convert the buildings into a state-of-the-art government hospital. The spacious and well-constructed buildings could provide top-notch healthcare facilities to the local population. 

3. Resorts

Given the luxurious, palace-like nature of the Rushikonda buildings and their prime location overlooking the sea, many Vizagites suggested converting the buildings into high-end resorts. The lavish interiors and scenic surroundings would make for a perfect getaway spot, attracting both national and international tourists. This could also generate significant revenue and boost the local economy.

4. Museum

Transforming the space into a museum that houses important artefacts was another intriguing suggestion. The historical names of the blocks could be leveraged to create a narrative that showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region. This would also serve as an educational center for students and tourists alike.

5. Government-Run Tourism Hotel

A tourism hotel operated by a government public sector unit (PSU) could be established. This would ensure that the revenue generated goes back to the government while promoting tourism in the area. The picturesque location and luxurious facilities would draw tourists from far and wide, and the hotel could cater to various government functions and provide accommodation for dignitaries visiting the city.

6. IT Buildings

Given Vizag’s growing reputation as an IT hub, converting the buildings into office spaces for IT companies was suggested.

7. Cinema Shootings

An additional idea that garnered attention was to rent out the space for cinema shootings. The opulent settings and scenic backdrop of Rushikonda Hill would provide a perfect location for filmmakers, adding another revenue stream for the government.

8. AP Hub and Facilitation Centre

The buildings could be turned into an AP Hub and facilitation center, akin to T-Hub in Hyderabad, said some. This center could focus on the development of IT services, startups, and innovation, providing a platform for young entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive.

Despite the conflict and controversy surrounding the Rushikonda buildings or ‘palace’, and the apparent misuse of public funds driving the construction, the fact remains that they exist, and must be used wisely in a way that benefits Vizag’s development. If you have any other suggestions as regarding the same, let us know in the comments!

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