7 delicacies that we wish were available in Visakhapatnam

visakhapatnam delicacies

Over the last few years, the food scene in Visakhapatnam has boomed, with eateries popping up literally everywhere. From well-known brands like McDonald’s to the cosy little joints down the street, the city has seen numerous restaurants and pitstops sprout all across catering a variety of cuisines. However, there still remain a few popular dishes from a few cuisines that we wish were available in Visakhapatnam. Here, we mention a few such delicacies that need to make an entry to entice the foodies in Visakhapatnam.

# 1 Dabeli

This is a popular snack originating from the Kutch region of Gujarat. Dabeli comes as a flavourful snack that has a mixture of boiled potatoes and chutneys stuffed into the good old pav. Topped with crunchy peanuts and pomegranate, this Gujarati offering is an ideal way to satisfy your street food cravings.

#2 Moussaka

This Greek dish of mashed potatoes and brinjal dressed graciously in bread crumbs and tomato puree will make you fall in love with the purple vegetable. The ‘City of Destiny’ needs a restaurant that serves this dish in all its originality.

#3 Qabli Pulao

This rice dish is an Afghan special. It consists of rice and raisins, served with a lamb accompaniment and could well be an apt substitute to the traditional biryani. With quite a few students from Afghanistan studying in Visakhapatnam, it is time we bring their delectable food to our plates.

#4 Shawarma

There are quite a few Katti Roll centres that also serve Shawarma like a roll. But the fun of eating this Middle Eastern dish served in Pita bread with Hummus is something the people of Vizag have to try.

#5 Jigarthanda

Made with milk, sugar, and almonds, Jigarthanda is a refreshing drink that owes its origins to the South Indian city of Madurai. Typically served on the roadside, this drink would be a welcome addition to the list of summer coolers in Visakhapatnam.

#6 Rava bath – Kesari bath (Chow Chow bath)

This is a very popular dish in Karnataka and is rated as one of the healthiest breakfast dishes. Rava bath is very similar to the quintessential upma but, with a twist of a unique blend of spices. Kesari bath, famously knows as Rava Kesari in Telugu households, is a sweet Indian dish made from Semolina or Rice. Interestingly, the dish might even be prepared with pineapple, banana, mango or rice. A combo of these two dishes is known as Chow Chow bath.

#7 Khambir

Khambir, a famous dish in Ladakh, is a pan-shaped bread with a thick crust made from wheat. This is mainly served for breakfast with butter tea (tea with a dab of butter). An addition of this dish to the Vizag food scene would mean more breakfast options for the people of Visakhapatnam.

We feel the addition of these few delicacies belonging to different cuisines would definitely be a welcome change to the taste buds of the foodies in Visakhapatnam. Are you hoping for any more additions? Do let us know in the comments below.

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