6 Controversial Shows That Got Everyone Talking

Over the years, several shows sparked debates and stirred up controversy. While some shows push boundaries and start conversations, others take it a step further. Here’s a list of six controversial TV shows that got everyone talking:

Family Guy

Created by Seth MacFarlane, this animated series is known for its politically incorrect humour and offensive jokes. Critics often point out the crude and offensive jokes made towards minority communities in the show. The show also touches upon sensitive topics like race, religion, politics, and sexuality, which has led to numerous complaints and even attempts to get the show cancelled.

The Jeffery Dahmer Story

This show tells the story of a real-life serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer. The show faced backlash for its graphic content and for seeming to glamorize a murderer. Furthermore, victims’ families claimed that they were not contacted by the producers of the show and hence, never consented to the making of the series. They also stated that they found out about the show through clips on the internet, which “retraumatized” them.

South Park

South Park has a long history of sparking controversy with its crude humour. From politics to religion, no topic is off-limits, which has lead to numerous controversies over the years. The show also has episodes mocking religious figures like Prophet Muhammad and features several overtly racist jokes, which have lead to protests, threats, and network censorship.

The Simpsons 

Although for millions, The Simpsons is a beloved show, it hasn’t been free from controversy. Over the years, it has been criticized for its portrayal of certain characters, cultural stereotypes, and racist and homophobic jokes. The portrayal of the character Apu, an Indian convenience store owner has also sparked controversy for perpetuating false stereotypes.

The Idol

“The Idol” faced backlash for its explicit content and its glamorisation of sexual abuse. Critics argue that the show has a very weak plot and has only invested in making it overly graphic for shock value. Scenes that depict drug use, sexual exploitation, and the dark side of fame sparked controversy.

Beavis and Butthead

This 90s animated series was famous for its crude humour. This show sparked controversy when in a tragic event, a child, inspired by the show, set fire to their house, killing their two-year-old sibling. Parents and school authorities were often worried that the contents of the show would encourage bad behaviour.

While some people enjoy these shows and find them hilarious, others expressed concern over the damage caused by such insensitive and crude content. Let us know what you think about these controversial TV shows!

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